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Wicked Lies Boys Tell

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From USA Today Bestselling author K Webster comes an angst-filled, friends-to-enemies-to-lovers MM romance!

I’m in love with my best friend.
I’m in love with my enemy.

But they’re the same.
They. Are. The. Same.
Lines in my world are blurry between fantasy and reality.
Truth and lies. Love and hate.

Copeland Justice is my enemy. My once best friend. The sadist in my heart plucking and pulling at every thread of who I am until I’m unraveled at his feet.
His mouth says he hates me. His eyes burn with animosity for me. His heart beats for someone else.

But Copeland Justice is the best liar of us all.

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2 reviews for Wicked Lies Boys Tell

  1. Laurie Jean

    K has done it again and I think this may be my new favorite by her. Two best friends broken by an event that tore their friendship apart and both guys being lost and broken for 2 years. When an incident brings them together again and has them starting to patch up their friendship the two must decide what can you do when there’s only one person that makes you feel whole but one wants more than the other. Penn loves Cope in a way that Cope struggles with, he loves the guy that has been part of his life forever but doesn’t reciprocate the physical attraction, or does he… When feelings awaken Cope can’t help but want to be everything Penn needs and these two come together compleley and deliciously. They have obstacles to overcome mainly their crappy hardass fathers but nothing can keep these two apart as long as they have to each other. These two were just perfect together, 2 parts of a whole that were made for each other. The friendship, banter, heat, fierce loyalty, and protectiveness between them was amazing and I gobbled it up in one sitting.

  2. Tracey

    This book was freaking amazing. Its has so much anguish and heartaches. This 2 boys who shared everything and had a moment of misunderstanding. I got to see them fight to get back what they have with each other and in the mist of it all they found what they need. No spoilers here I definitely can’t wait to see what k Webster rights nexts.

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