Unwell (Crazy Love 1)

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Azley is killing the single mom game. She has potty breaks and game time down to a science. All she needs to ease her bruised and broken heart is her son, and her support system.

Evan will do anything to get what he wants, and he wants Azley. Sweet with his words, yet dirty and domineering in the bedroom, he’s everything she ever wanted in a man, but he’s a little too late.

She wants to live for the moment, determined to prove you can live life without love.
He wants to give her forever, determined to show her a life filled with love is worth living. Can Evan break through Azley’s armor and mend her tattered soul, or has she truly become bulletproof?

A second chance at love. A second chance at life. Would you fight for them, or let them go?


“Unwell is Robin Laine’s debut novel. Well written and OMG the feels… a sweet sexy story that shows you can triumph over adversity. It’s a journey of letting the past go and learning to trust again. It also a tale of two soulmates that together can overcome any obstacle thrown their way.” ~ Delish, Devine and All Mine

“The chemistry between Azley and Evan is visible from the start. Evan doesn’t give up, his persistence is endearing and romantic, even after Azley gives him reasons to leave. Azley’s life is a series of misfortunes, but she never gives up or quits fighting for the life she wants to provide for her son. Together, they’re a perfect team.”

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May 30, 2017


Robin Laine

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3 reviews for Unwell (Crazy Love 1)

  1. Aunt G

    I enjoyed this emotional romance. Evan and Azley were great characters and I loved their chemistry. The storyline was engaging and filled with heat, heart, drama and emotional tension. This is my honest, voluntary review.

  2. Jayce Cruz

    I was given a copy of this book for an honest review.

    I really enjoyed this second chance romance. It’s one of my favorite tropes. Unwell is such a well written, debut novel. Azley and Evan have such wonderful chemistry. It’s a beautiful book full of hope

  3. Mercy81

    This is an amazing story. I normally don’t read second chance romances but I felt drawn to read it. Azley is one amazing girl to have the strength to raise her son alone and have the ability to get up despite the obstacles put in her way daily. What can I say about Evan but where can I get one of him. He is everyone’s dream man despite the roadblocks Azley puts up. Don’t wait get this book it’s going to knock you off your feet. It did mine.
    This is my honest and voluntarily review

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