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Unsportsmanlike Conduct – The Renegades Series 2


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Sometimes love is messy, and unpredictable. The one you’re with isn’t always the one you’re meant to be with.

One year ago, Gia Torella made a huge mistake. After several glasses of champagne at her sister’s wedding, she hooked up with arrogant and egotistical Patrick Dubois, the most imposing hockey player on the Pittsburgh Renegades professional hockey team — both on the ice and off. But she vowed to forget that brief passionate encounter, even if her body remembered all the wild and incredible things they did that night. She’s moved on from Patrick, and her solid, dependable, nice-guy boyfriend is proof of that.

Patrick has never forgotten their one night of passion. Even though she’s the girlfriend of Tyler Kidd, his team’s captain and therefore completely off-limits, all he can think about is her curvy body, her bubbly personality, and the way she screamed out his name during the best sex he’s ever had. Since their night together, he’s given up on the puck bunnies, the partying, and the random hook-ups, and he’s willing to become the man she needs.

They both know it’s wrong, but they’re drawn to each other in a whirlwind of passion. Can Patrick convince Gia that he has really changed into someone she could depend upon… and that sometimes love is worth the penalty for Unsportsmanlike Conduct?


ISBN: 9781519978776

  • I was pulled in from the beginning as Patrick and Gia are once again brought together for a family gathering. The author did an exceptional job of showing how conflicted Gia was, that she felt she loved Tyler and didn’t want to cheat on him, but her heart had other plans. Patrick knows he loves Gia and feels that love in return. He’s willing to sacrifice all for them to be together, even if it costs him his place on the team.

    I really loved this book and originally I gave this a four star but changed it to a five. I went back and reread it and I realized that the author did this for a reason. Book Three will be Tyler’s story and it may spoil the plot to give us where he is coming from. There is a lot in this book that made me feel for Tyler. His teammates and the coach seem to be on the “Patrick/Gia” train without any regard to what Patrick did to Tyler. That being said, it is all about the game and winning. They can’t get involved in the personal side of things. Very realistic, IMO, a book I will read over and over.“

  • It has been a while since a book has captured my attention. I read this in a couple of days because I could not put it down. It had really steamy scenes and such a sweet romance. Now I’m ready to go get me a hockey player!!”

Hockey Romance

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Author Melody Heck Gatto

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April 15, 2015

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I was born and raised in the Steel City, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Home of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Steelers, and Pirates. We are famous for Mario Lemieux, Sidney Crosby, Pierogis, saying “yinz”, and sandwiches with coleslaw and French fries on them (just to name a few). I live with my husband, teen son and fur babies.
We are huge hockey fans and adore our home team, the Pittsburgh Penguins. During the hockey season, our lives revolve around the game schedule.

I love hockey and I love romance novels, I didn’t even know there was a whole genre of books out there when I started writing my first novel. I love making the game part of the overall story (I love the whole experience of being at an NHL game, the noise, the food, the sound of the skates on the ice.) So expect the game to be part of my books. I spend time during the season at Penguins practices watching how they interact, talk, and work on the ice, to make my scenes as real to life as possible. My hope is even if you’ve never set foot into a hockey rink, you will feel as if you had while reading my books.

My characters aren’t always rough and gruff, because not all hockey players are goons. I’ve had the chance to meet a few and they are awesome and down to Earth guys. So, I like to show a gentle and caring side along with the rough and tough.

I am a Hallmark movie junkie. I adore the Christmas movies and all the cutesy (and sometimes cliché) romance, and I love to get swept away in it all. I also will binge watch my favorite tv shows BONES, FRIENDS, LAST MAN STANDING, SUPERNATURAL, and CHICAGO PD.