Under Daddy’s Protection


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Bella is on the run and she can feel the hounds of hell nipping at her heels. She flees on an aimless path, but somehow her instincts lead her to the only man who has ever protected her.
She hasn’t been back to Rock Spring, Oklahoma since she was a child, but it’s the only place she’ll feel safe. Bella shows up on her former step-dad’s front porch seeking protection.
Jake welcomes her into his home, she used to be his step-daughter after all, how could he turn her away?
It doesn’t take long for Bella to realize that Daddy is still very strict and he doesn’t hesitate to spank her when she’s naughty.
Amidst the danger she’s brought with her to Oklahoma, Bella and Jake discover their attraction for one another.
Can Bella tell Daddy the truth so he can protect her? Will Jake let down his walls and love Bella like she needs to be loved?

–This book contains material that may be offensive to some readers. All characters are over the age of eighteen and are not related by blood or affinity. This book contains explicit sexual content that includes the spanking of an adult woman and aspects of age play.


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