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Under Contract: A Billionaire Romance


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Charlottes life is music. After a spending her youth practicing piano every day to make it into Juilliard, she’s realized her dream and won a scholarship to the famed school. But after two years of sacrifice, her mother falls ill and Charlotte is haunted by guilt being so far way from home and unable to help her dying mother.

Bishop wants Charlotte. Bishop has wanted Charlotte since the first moment he set eyes on her, but Charlotte wants nothing to do with him. Believing Bishop is only the kind of guy who only chases what he can’t have, she’s absolutely repulsed by him.

After chasing her for over a year, he sees his chance to have her when her mother falls sick. Manipulating her to be his “girlfriend” under contract – giving in to his every whim- in exchange for paying for her mother’s million dollar experimental treatment, he finally has the chance to be with the girl of his dreams.

But Charlotte is not going to make it easy for him and he’s not going to make it easy for her- while they play psychological games and struggle to get the upper hand they inadvertently become sexually dependent on one another- until somehow without realizing, fall a little in love.

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Writer, wife, dachshund lover, Francophile, history buff, sci-fi junkie- I tend to write erotic romance for nerdy girls– because that’s who I am.

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