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Fabiola Francisco writes imperfect love stories. You will find flawed characters, strong heroines, and raw stories along with sweet and light-hearted romances.  A little bit of everything to fulfill your romance needs. Her recent country music romances have been widely loved by readers, because who doesn’t want a sexy musician writing songs for his muse.

Fabiola’s Books

Standalone Novels

Perfectly Imperfect

Red Lights Black Hearts*

Twisted in You*

Memories of Us (Spin-off of Rebel Desire Series)

All My Truths & One Lie

Rebel Desire Series

Lovin’ on You

Love You Through It

All of You

Sweet on You Series

Sweet on Wilde

Whiskey Nights

Restoring Series

Restoring Us

Resisting You (Novella)

*Though these two are standalones, Samantha from Red Lights Black Hearts interconnects with the characters from Twisted in You.

Twisted in You

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It’s not the sins her eyes have seen, but the sins her body has felt. 

Mikayla Anderson is a survivor… barely. A less than normal upbringing has left her ripped apart by someone she was supposed to trust. To escape the dangers in her home life, she buys a one-way ticket as far away as her meager savings will take her–Nashville.

Working in a dingy diner, Mikayla tries to get her life in order, but the past won’t let her go. She turns to self-harm as a way to cope, until one day she takes it too far.

Tyler Hunt might be country rock’s biggest star, but fame doesn’t erase the memories of the past, neither does his vice. When drinking lands Tyler in Chasing Freedom Recovery Center again, he’s angry and in denial.

When he sees Mikayla, he immediately marks her certifiably crazy, until he looks into her eyes, and sees a depth of pain that he’s all too familiar with.

An unlikely relationship simmers, offering each other the light and warmth that’s been missing. When the past catches up and threatens Mikayla, Tyler will do anything to protect her.


“The powerful and poetic words of the author pulled me into this story and made me experience all the feels until the very last page.” ~Lori, BF Bookies

“But it is much more than a story, it is a real and riveting, thorough journey.” ~Luv My Books

“Francisco’s characters come to life on the pages pulling you into their world and taking you to the brink with the real and raw emotions.” ~Christy Pastore, Author

it was so emotional, that I quickly lost myself in their world, and forgot I was reading a book. Fabiola Francisco is simply brilliant in her writing style, as I found myself having to put down the book to catch my breath. ” ~The Power of Three Readers

“…Francisco’s writing is phenomenally intense and you feel every word in your heart. It does things to your soul that a book shouldn’t be able to do.” ~MammieBabbie

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1 review for Twisted in You

  1. Rachelle Creech

    Ms. Francisco writes about a very heartbreaking subject with sensitivity but she doesn’t shy away from the truth of it all. Mikayla has been through unspeakable acts against her but she fights for herself and she fights hard. I admire her strength so much.
    Tyler he’s got his demons but together him and Mikayla lean on each other and become better for themselves and each other.

    I loved this story even when it tore my heart into pieces at times.

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Fabiola Francisco loves the simplicity–and kick–of scotch on the rocks. She follows Hemingway’s philosophy–write drunk, edit sober. She writes women’s fiction and contemporary romance, dipping her pen into new adult and young adult. Her moods guide her writing, taking her anywhere from sassy and sexy romances to dark and emotion-filled love stories.

Writing has always been a part of her life, penning her own life struggles as a form of therapy through poetry. She still stays true to her first love, poems, while weaving longer stories with strong heroines and honest heroes. She aims to get readers thinking about life and love while experiencing her characters’ journeys.

She is continuously creating stories as she daydreams. Her other loves are country music, exploring the outdoors, and reading.