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Treat Me

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Her eyes Tempt Me.
She looks like sin.
She dances like an angel.

His hands Tease Me.
He watches with a dark stare.
He touches as if he owns me.

She was my student.
He was my principal.

She won’t let me go.
He can’t walk away.

Trick or Treat
It’s time to

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KL Donn





Publication Date

October 29, 2019

3 reviews for Treat Me

  1. Heather Dee

    Omg this book was so naughty that I felt naughty reading it I loved it ….
    Treat me is definitely a book I wouldn’t recommend reading at work just in case u catch on ….
    Who said a short hot steamy quickie wasn’t worth reading ? Definitely not me lol

  2. Sandy Nikolas

    Happy Halloween!

    This is so steamy! Eady and Jack have chemistry that has long been denied. When they finally come together it’s off the charts. Enjoy this steamy Halloween treat.

  3. Leslee Nevill

    Oh my goodness, I am still fanning myself after finishing Treat Me! Talk about scorching , Eden has wanted the principal at her school from the moment she laid eyes on him. Too bad she was a senior and there was no way he saw her that way. She left the moment she graduated, heart bruised and full of regret. Now she is back in town, taking care of her younger brother who is also under the care of Principal Daily. When she runs into him, it is in the most unlikely of places and now the chains are off. Jack Daily cannot believe that the girl who haunted him is now back in town and he is never going to let her go. Lawd, these two are highly flammable and are the stuff of the hottest, slightly taboo fantasies. I couldn’t put this one down and read it as fast as my fingers could swipe the screen. Another fabulous read from the amazing KL Donn!

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