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Transforming Eve: Brides of Sava Prime, Part 1


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Earth is dying and so is the planet Sava Prime. The Earth needs help restoring its natural resources and the Savians have the technology to help Earth do it, but in return, they need females that can undergo genetic manipulation and become human Savian hybrids to help repopulate their planet.

Eve Durand holds the necessary genetic sequence to be a viable candidate for transformation. After hearing about the life of the Savian “kira” or wife, who not only has two husbands but a harem of lovers and is waited on hand and foot in their highly advanced matriarchal society, she happily leaves dystopian Earth for a new life of non-stop pleasure and pampering.

In Part 1, Eve undergoes genetic therapy, meets the first of her two husbands and travels to her new home.


Eve sat quietly on the ride to the departure point. The two Savians in the car were making small talk about the trip home, but she kept thinking about Euric. Although she was legally married to him too, she didn’t know very much about him. She had seen his likeness in a group photo— he was attractive and slightly younger than Faren. 
Her Vendari was the most feared man on the planet. Those words kept playing over in her mind and the more they did, the wetter she became. She squirmed in her seat to try to keep the dampness from leaking on to her thighs, but it was too late. She was drenched. It had to be the hormones. Why on earth was her husband’s ferociousness turning her on so much? And then she thought about the word ferocious and smiled.

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