Torn in Half: A Trident Security Novella: Book 8.5

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August 19, 2019


Suspenseful Seduction Publishing

4 reviews for Torn in Half: A Trident Security Novella: Book 8.5

  1. Carolyn

    This is a fantastic book! Marie Sawyer, mother of Ian, Devon and Nick, has been kidnapped in the Philippines and Ian’s wife Angie is due to deliver their first child any day. The Trident teams all head overseas to rescue Marie leaving the wivesy and girlfriends of the teams to worry and take care of Angie. Ian is not only tasked with saving his mother but getting home in time to see his child born. I loved getting to see Carter and Jordyn, Mic and her Steel Corps Team, and all of the other characters from the books. Ms Cole has written a great one with the characters we love.

  2. RhondaB

    Ian Sawyer has become one of my favorite characters out of all the books I’ve read. His wit, his humor, his devotion to everyone he loves and cares for is unique. While Ian and Angie are waiting for the birth of their first baby, Ian and the guys get called out for the most important mission they’ve ever been on… rescue his mother. I absolutely loved this short story because we get different points of view while the guys are traveling across the world to get their mom. Jake and Nick’s point of view just almost made me cry!! I loved it and the hints dropped are ones I can’t wait to see in future books. The whole story from start to finish was just awesome. And the ending……………well, I’m not giving anything away but that also made me cry and laugh at the same time. This is going to end up being one of my favorite stories in this series. We get to see Ian during a vulnerable time and how he handles trying to take care of the two most important women in his life. Just get the book, you’ll see what I mean!!!

  3. Patricia R.


    Ian is not subtle so you KNOW any baby of his is will come into the world in dramatic fashion. Of course the beginning of the drama comes from Grandma being kidnapped.

    Just enough action to keep the story Trident, but funny, sweet and tender too. Ian and Angie are special couple in the Trident family and so glad they got this special novella. We also get a bit more of the Chuck & Marie story which is sweet and memories of John while sad, give more insight into their family.

    The whole Sexy Six Pack is involved in the mission to rescue Marie so we get small glimpses of them as well.

    Of course it all culminates in the birth of baby Sawyer. You will have to read it to find out – Boy or Girl – and if Ian makes it – but it is SO worth it.

    I espeically love the moments between Nick & Jake. But I am biased as they are my favorite of the couples.

    I received an advance copy in order to give my honest review.

  4. AnneD

    We’ve waited a while for this book and the birth of Ian and Angie’s baby – girl / boy; all going well / all hell breaking loose – so many options. What no one expected was the kidnapping of Ian’s mother and a rescue mission that would see Angie possibly in labor and giving birth alone. Almost anything I write here is a spoiler, so this will be very brief. Ian was never my favorite of the Sexy Six-Pack, but this book has moved him up that list. It’s also, though, in the turmoil and the drama, a tender look at the older Sawyers, at the relationships of their children and how those are evolving, and a reminder that Trident is a unit, Alpha and Omega, with a very welcome cameo from Mic and her crew, and, of course, Jackass and Sweetheart. While the teams are closing in on Marie’s kidnappers, there is pertinent drama back at the compound, with a reference to a very current issue in the indie publishing world – just to keep us awake and aware. This may be a short book, but it’s huge on emotion.
    I received a free copy of this book. This review was posted voluntarily.

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