Samantha MacLeod

The Trickster’s Lover


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Caroline Capello doesn’t take chances.

A graduate student at the prestigious University of Chicago, Caroline dedicates her carefully-planned life to the serious, academic study of mythology. Until a god shows up in her bedroom.

Loki, the enigmatic and irresistibly sexy Norse god, doesn’t get attached. 

When he appears in Caroline’s apartment late at night, cuts her clothes down the middle, and rocks her studious world in ways she couldn’t even imagine, they both assume one night together is all they’ll have.

But as their one night fling turns into something more serious, Caroline finds herself drawn into a dangerous world where the myths she studies become terrifyingly real. And when the clouds of Ragnarok, the apocalyptic end to all Nine Realms, begin to gather on the horizon, Caroline must decide if she is willing to risk everything to save her mercurial lover.

If she fails, there’s far more than just Loki’s life on the line…


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