The Road to Solace

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***A 2017 Readers’ Favorite Award Silver Medal Winner***
(Formerly titled The Friar)

Adam Westfield is an ex-friar just released from prison. Unsure of his destiny, he roams America, hoping to find a purpose . . . and forgiveness.

A widowed mother of two, Sage Hammond is struggling to keep her horse ranch afloat. Unable to find a ranch hand willing to work for meager wages, she’s close to giving up. Then, an answer to her prayers appears–a quiet, handsome stranger.

Adam is falling in love for the first time in his life, however, strange things begin to happen at the ranch–things that are putting Sage and her children in danger–and he finds he’s willing to sell his soul to protect them. But will it be enough?

A man trying to overcome his past. A woman trying to secure her children’s future. Can they both learn to live in the present and discover that second chances do exist?


Editorial review for The Road to Solace (formerly title The Friar): 

“An excellent novel, mixing romance and suspense in a highly believable setting. The story moves along at a fast pace with high suspense, the characters are authentic and interesting, and the facts unfold with clarity and plausibility. The author skillfully balances the underlying, simmering dangers of violence and deep emotions, and while the resolution to the mystery begins to surface, new dangers appear. This is a veritable page-turner that will keep readers at the edge of their seats until the unexpected, yet satisfying ending. Highly recommended!” The Columbia Review

“Samantha Cole’s romantic suspense novel, The Friar, is a marvelous second-chance story about a young widow and the ex-con who walks into her life. Cole’s main characters are strong, independent and ethical in their outlooks on life, and the reader can instantly understand why Reverend Stevens sent Adam to Heaven’s Pastures, Sage’s ranch. I had a grand time watching as Adam interacts with Sage, Evan and Maddie, and Sage’s two children, and loved seeing him adapt to a very different culture than the one he was raised in. The Friar is a delight to read. There’s tension and suspense around the stalker who’s determined to wreak havoc on the ranch and its inhabitants that works quite well to keep the reader involved in the story. Cole also admirably addresses the automatic bias that many ex-convicts face after they’ve served their time, and the difficulty they have in being accepted back into society, as evidenced by the hostility of the local residents toward Adam. The Friar is most highly recommended.” Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

“This story resonated so much with me because I got married to an ex-seminarian, and as I read on, I couldn’t help but think about the stories my husband shares about his vocation. The characters are real and the reader can feel as if they share the same world, thanks to Samantha Cole’s gift of character and setting. The emotional intensity of this story deserves a whole commentary on its own. Yes, the characters have depth and readers will want to explore their inner worlds, feel their scars and heartaches, and experience what gives them the hope of freedom and purpose. The Friar is expertly plotted and excellently written, a delightful read that explores the themes of vocation, faith, love, and redemption. It is an emotionally charged story with great potential for entertainment.” Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite

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May 25, 2017


Suspenseful Seduction Publishing

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4 reviews for The Road to Solace

  1. RhondaB

    Adam was a man of God and in a moment of rage, did the unthinkable! That had me hooked to read the book. This is a totally different style of book that Samantha has brought her readers. I was wondering how a romance between a Godly man and a widow would work out but Samantha nailed it. Sage and Adam are perfect together and they need each other. When things begin happening at the ranch she is trying to hold on to, she’s glad that Adam is around. The story was great as there was a build up to the sexual part of the characters relationship, which I’m glad of. I couldn’t put the book down once I started it. Well done!!!

  2. Carolyn

    I am not good at writing these reviews! You can read the others to tell you a little about the storyline, I just want you to know it’s a great book. I’ll read anything Samantha A Cole writes…she’s that good! I loved it and can’t wait for her next one.

  3. Annemieke

    This is a heart warming book, The characters are alive and their connection is great.
    I just love this story . If you love Romantic Suspense this book is a great read just like all Samatha’s books.

  4. Allena Haskins

    I volunteered to read an Arc.
    I wasn’t sure about this one, I guess the catholic in me was shouting NO WAY.

    A woman trying to keep her dead husband’s dream and legacy alive. A man that made a decision in the heat of the moment. What could possibly bring these two together?

    Once I started I couldn’t put it down. A nice slow build on the romance, enough mysterious happenings to keep you turning the pages and a H/h that you can’t help but fall in love with.

    Good flow, great dynamic between main characters and a believable storyline that sucks you in. Well worth the read.

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