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The Queen’s Musketeers: The d’Artagnan Chronicles, Books 1-3


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One for all. All for one.

The year is 1631, and the Black Death has returned to Europe. France lies in ruins. The King and Queen are in hiding, and a Spanish pretender sits upon the throne.

Charles d’Artagnan’s family is dead. His land, seized by armed peasants. He’s out for revenge, but at this point he’ll settle for an honorable death. Instead, he finds adventure, intrigue, romance, danger, and a legendary brotherhood for the ages.

* * *

Gritty and raw with an undercurrent of hope, The Queen’s Musketeers series is a very human reimagining of Alexandre Dumas’ classic tale, set in a world driven to the brink of madness by plague and political upheaval.

Author’s note: This series contains graphic depictions of sex and violence, and includes descriptions of self-injury with religious connotations. It is intended for an adult readership.



“If you have ever been a Musketeer fan, then you must read these books.”

“I have read all three books (including the prequel) and loved each one. It is packed with all of the things great stories are made of (intrigue, sex, adventure, love, loyalty, etc.), which is what the Musketeers are all about. The development of the characters progress in each book and you truly find yourself relating to many of the situations they are experiencing. Definitely an entertaining series that you will enjoy and should not be passed up.”

“Read this entire series with enthusiasm…couldn’t wait to get from one step in the journey to the next. It was a thrill ride from beginning to end which had me sitting on the edge of my seat, crying, laughing, and shouting with joy! It’s got everything a good series should…action, adventure, romance and of course some handsome Musketeers. Fans of action/adventure, romance, history and the Musketeers will all find something to love here.”

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July 30, 2015


OtherLove Publishing, LLC

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USA Today bestselling author R. A. Steffan lives in a very boring (but pretty) part of flyover country in the Midwestern US. When she’s not busy writing stories about people loving each other in all sorts of different and interesting ways, she can be found taking care of her small menagerie of critters.

A rebel to the core, she is currently sticking it to the man by illegally harboring ducks within the city limits, where only chickens are allowed. This fearless disregard for societal norms extends to her writing, as well. There, you will find polyamory along with straight, gay, bisexual, and non-gender conforming love of all flavors. You will also find families of choice, profound friendships, adventure, danger, and good triumphing over evil.

That, and sex. Lots of sex. Most of which is not the vanilla variety.