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The Other Woman (mobi)

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Cole Clarke is a broken man, with a sham marriage and nowhere to turn. Allyn Anders is a self-proclaimed hermit, only straying from her apartment when she is forced to attend work meetings and when her best friend drags her out. When this pair has a chance encounter, sparks fly and there is undeniable attraction. Attraction that is impossible to resist. The morning after, Allyn discovers that Cole just happens to be the lead singer of the band that makes Maroon 5 look like child’s play–Sunday Told A Secret is rocking their way across the country as they’re wrapping up their first world tour. Cole returns home to L.A, infatuated with this other woman, only to discover that his alcoholic wife has started dappling in more than just booze. When he thinks his life is falling apart, Cole knows he can call on Ally. Are they able to make it work? Is Ally okay with being the other woman?

THE OTHER WOMAN is now part of a growing series, appropriate named The Sunday Series! This book can be read as a sexy standalone, or readers can choose to continue reading about more characters that played a pivotal role in this novel.

1 review for The Other Woman (mobi)

  1. Robyn

    Insta-love…it’s a troupe used in romance books for generations. It’s also one of my least favorite troupes ever. Call it the cynic in me, but I just don’t believe two people meet, lock eyes and instantly fall in love. I do believe that moment is “lust at first sight” and only with hard work, determination and commitment love follows. With that said, I admit when “insta” is used in stories and is well done, I’m a goner. Kate Canterbary’s THE SPIRE is the most recent example of a story that uses insta-love brilliantly. I can honestly say Noell Mosco’s THE OTHER WOMAN is another wonderful example of using this troupe well!

    The story of Cole and Ally. A rockstar on the road, stuck in a marriage with a woman who enjoys the benefits of being a famous man’s wife, but has no interest in the marriage, and an introverted woman who typically works at home, surrounded by books. The unlikely chance meeting and Ally breaking free from her walls leads to a romance that never should have happened. Considered wrong by many, but it’s truly the right relationship for them.

    I’m not giving anything away here when I say infidelity is in the story. The title gives that away. What I will say, and have said numerous times since my review of “Author Anonymous”, is that I can understand and appreciate stories of infidelity when it’s clearly defined and demonstrated that the marriage is not only in extreme crisis, but over. While the paperwork is all that’s left to be filed, the love that was once is no longer and there’s no hope of it returning. Ms. Mosco has done an excellent job of this.

    I know infidelity can be an upsetting plot point for many readers, and that’s understandable. I found this story to be more of how someone moves on when the marriage has ended. While it can be difficult for many to move on, there are those who have been trapped in an unhappy situation for so long they grab firmly onto the first chance of happiness, regardless of when that happens. Cole is that man. A good guy who really deserves a happy ever after.

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I’m a 30-something woman who works a full-time job as a stay-at-home-mama.  In my former life, my career as a physical therapist assistant was very rewarding, but left me unfulfilled.  Writing helped fill that void. I wrote my first book at 11 years old but never considered it as anything more than a hobby. I live in southwestern Pennsylvania, born and raised, with my husband, Miss C, and furbabies. I enjoy travelling, wine, and all.the.chocolate.