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The Muse: The Penthouse, Part Two, An Older Man Younger Woman Romance


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Continued from The Penthouse, Part One

Maya Martin has moved into Gabriel Thoreau’s penthouse where she is expecting to be indoctrinated into sex parties and a life of debauchery, but instead, she is guarded over by her Byronesque writer who doesn’t want to share his brand new toy.
Suddenly bored with her new life, she is more interested in having fun than being his two-dimensional muse and love slave.

She does manage to have one fling but her side lover also wants her all to himself.
Young Maya is torn between two older men who are anxious to possess her young body, but she soon discovers only one of them can truly make her happy.

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Writer, wife, dachshund lover, Francophile, history buff, sci-fi junkie- I tend to write erotic romance for nerdy girls– because that’s who I am.

A quick glance at my catalog and you’ll find I do not devote myself to any one specific type of romance sub-genre: I like historical, sci-fi, humorous, and just plain romantic. But no matter what kind of story it is, my smart and funny heroines are always adored and my endings are always happy.

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