Emily Gray

The Marine (Heroes & Warriors: A Heroes Novel, #1)

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What do you do when everything you’ve ever known has been taken from you?

Family, career, purpose.

Levi Taylor has no family waiting for him after his discharge. He is a broken Marine without a job or direction. The home that has always brought him comfort is the last place he wants to be….until he meets her, a reclusive woman new to his small town.

What do you do when everything you thought you knew is an illusion?

Life, love, trust.

Lynn Carter’s life is a lie, both the past and the present. She is on her own, just trying to blend in and remain unknown. She discovers it’s a difficult task when she becomes the focus of a determined Marine. But can she learn to trust him when everyone she’s ever known has deceived her?

When their lives force them to face their pasts and fears, they must decide whether to run and hide or listen to their hearts and fight for the one thing that matters above all else, each other.

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1 review for The Marine (Heroes & Warriors: A Heroes Novel, #1)

  1. Annemieke

    This is a great book marine suspense romance, He is hurt physically and emotionally. She is hurt emotionally.
    Can she help him and can he help her? The story of two people hurt and trying to find them selves and each other.
    The writer gives importance to detail of the surroundings however it is not too much and it is not disturbing.
    I find it rather enjoyable. Go grab your book I recommend this

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