Tiffany Ransier

The Mafia’s Black Opal (Crime Family Treasures, #1)


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Valerio Marchioni
Six years ago, I got the job I never wanted—being the head of the Italian Mafia. There’s no room to take my position lightly. I do whatever is required of me, according to the rules passed down from my father, including marrying someone I’m not in love with. I hold respect for her as the mother of my children and a former member of another Italian family. It only takes one night for us to be split apart forever. One vulnerable moment when I leave for a business trip gives someone the chance to attack my family. Now my pregnant wife is gone without a trace to be found. I will find who’s responsible and make sure their blood runs through the streets of New York City. First, I have to send all the women I find in the process, home. Except for her, the woman with nowhere to go.
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It only takes one night for me to be taken. I should’ve been safer than anyone. Yet I end up on the circuit, bounced around from place to place. It’s only on the day I decide to escape that I’m rescued by him, Valerio Marchioni. A man I should hate with every fiber in me. But then I get to know him. I see him for who he really is. And by then, it’s too late. I can never leave, not even if I wanted to. If he discovers who I really am, I’ll be dead before the men who took his wife.



“Every now and then you just need a good, dark and gritty read that pulls you in and keeps you transfixed.
That’s exactly what this book did for me. There are so many dimensions and layers to the families and the wars that happen between the mafia, it was a great experience to read a book so thoroughly thought out and planned.
Great plotline, great characters! Can’t wait to see what else this duo puts together.” – Ashley Munoz, author

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September 23, 2019


Indigo Hearts Press LLC

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