The Island


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Run for the money. It’s part of the show. If he catches up, he won’t let go.


Run for the money. It’s part of the show. If he catches up, he won’t let go.


I’m in trouble—the kind that comes from a mobster and my irresponsible father. He killed himself and left me—and my underage sisters—holding the bag. Dmitri Ivanov wants half a million within two weeks, or he’s going to force us into the sex trade and keep my sweet little sister for himself. I’m desperate, so when I see the twisted reality TV show, “The Island,” I decide to compete. It’s only one weekend, and if the hunters don’t catch me, I get a million dollars. If they do, I still get paid—and extra for being a virgin. I just have to avoid getting trapped.

But when I meet Spencer, maybe I don’t mind him catching and claiming me…


My brother tricks me into coming with him for a weekend of hunting. I’m not into the outdoors and have never hunted an animal before. When I find out we’re supposed to hunt women instead, I’m ready to walk out. Until Anya walks in. One look at her, and I know she’s mine. I can’t fight the primal, possessive need to catch and claim her. There’s just one problem.

If I have her for the weekend, how will I ever let her go?

This is a contemporary romance with suspense and dark themes. While consensual, certain fantasy elements acted out between Spencer and Anya can be triggering to sensitive readers.

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Amourisa Press is USA Today bestselling author Kit Tunstall’s publishing company. She writes as Kit Kyndall (contemporary romance), Aurelia Skye (SFR and PNR), Kristina Saxon (historical romance) and Kristianna Sawyer (shorter, edgier erom).