The Craving


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Bed. Sex. Tv. Repeat. Those were the plans. 

Savannah Daniels is looking forward to spending some alone time with her longtime boyfriend, Marshall. Everything during this fun-filled spring break was moving along fine, until his awkward cousin Stefano, and his equally weird girlfriend, Sheena decide to crash the party. It didn’t take a college graduate to realize something was definitely up with these two blood-sucking intruders, and it isn’t long before the true intentions about what they are and what they want become clear.

Savannah is powerless to stop their attack on Marshall but with capabilities passed down from her grandmother, she finds the tools she needs to stop them and hopefully prevent Marshall’s transitioning. When all three disappear before she can act, Savannah jumps into high-gear tracking their every move. Finally, her journey takes her to Bulwark, Georgia where she learns things are equally as complicated there, and more than just vampires go bump in the night.


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Salt Water Word Publishing, LLC

1 review for The Craving

  1. R.L. Jackson

    “Fast paced, well-developed characters, and a plot that builds the tension perfectly! Can’t wait for the next installment!!” – Author Marika Ray

    “I loved everything about this book! The action never stops. I love the way Savannah evolves into a badass by the end of the book. And wow what an ending! I was not prepared for it.. I highly recommend it!”- Tami Thomason

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