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The Colony: Sci Fi Erotic Romance


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Cora has just graduated from the Academy and received her first assignment on a science vessel when she is suddenly reassigned to report to the Eden Colony in a newly discovered sector.

As soon as she arrives, she’s given special attention by the leader of the colony, Admiral Thorne, who is behaving oddly, just like everyone else in Eden. Less than a day there, she discovers the place has been compromised and infiltrated by a dying alien species who is using the colonists to breed themselves back into existence.

While some of her crew members escape, Cora becomes Admiral Thorne’s chosen mate and is not allowed to flee with the others.
Innocent Cora will have her fertile young body inseminated multiple times before she and the colonists are whisked away to the safety of their new alien world, but Admiral Thorne isn’t thrilled to watch his young mate be thoroughly bred and finds a way to keep her from being such a willing participant.

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Writer, wife, dachshund lover, Francophile, history buff, sci-fi junkie- I tend to write erotic romance for nerdy girls– because that’s who I am.

A quick glance at my catalog and you’ll find I do not devote myself to any one specific type of romance sub-genre: I like historical, sci-fi, humorous, and just plain romantic. But no matter what kind of story it is, my smart and funny heroines are always adored and my endings are always happy.

Please head to my blog to learn what’s in the final stages and will be coming out soon! I welcome feedback and I welcome suggestions, questions, and ideas.