Tracey Pedersen

Tap That! (ePub)


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She’s avoided him since high school. Now she needs his help.

Mimi Fletcher needs $50,000 to rebuild the youth hall where she volunteers. Insurance won’t pay and she’s out of ideas. Until the day scorching hot Jasper Collins lounges in her office doorway and her friend wonders out loud what’s under his overalls. Sexy and clever, Jasper quickly tricks Mimi into dating him in return for his help getting the rest of his crew to take their clothes off for charity.

When he demands certain conditions be attached to his help, Mimi soon discovers he has a plan to win her over and finally take her to bed. But does she want to be another notch on this hot fireman’s bedpost? Should she let her guard down and have a bit of fun, knowing he’ll soon move on to his next conquest?

Can Mimi and Jasper join forces and raise the money they need, without Mimi’s heart melting from the heat between them?

If you love sexy books that also make you laugh, this is the book series for you. Follow the members of this community as they go about their daily lives, working, playing, fighting and falling in love. No cliffhangers, only happy endings that have you reaching for the next book. Each one can be read as a standalone and you can read them in any order you discover them.


What an awesome book! I loved it!! I would give it 100 stars if I could. Lol. It has a sweet, but sexy, alpha male, cocky hero, who is also a fireman. Wahoo ladies!! And he’s willing to take his clothes off, for a good cause!! Reviewed by Crazy about books

Witty, fun loving story! A light-hearted romance with every day problems. I’m glad to have run across this author, read was quick, made me laugh and will warm your heart!  Reviewed by Mustang Sally

Cute romance between Jasper and Mimi. Even though they’ve known each other since high school, it took arson to bring them together. This is a quick read amid laughter, tears and a sweet HEA. Reviewed by JC

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June 20, 2017


Daring Online Adventures

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