Take the Money and Run: Malone Brothers Book 1

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KC Malone is on a four-week leave from the Navy when he arrives at his uncle’s beach house to find a beautiful woman pointing a gun at his chest. What the hell has he just walked in on?

Moriah Jensen is on the run from dirty cops and ruthless drug dealers. Fleeing Chicago after her family was murdered, she spends the next four months trying to stay alive. Using an alias, she bounces from town to town, state to state, struggling to stay steps ahead of the people chasing her.

As the two become reluctant, temporary housemates, KC offers to train Moriah to defend herself against an alleged abusive ex-boyfriend. But when her past catches up with her, Moriah has to decide between her love for KC and running for safety. To stay would risk both their lives. To run would mean leaving her heart behind.


Editorial review: 

“What a delight to discover Samantha A. Cole’s Malone Brothers! I devoured this book and am amazed to learn this was her first novel–ever. I’m reading the second book now and am going to be watching for more of Samantha’s brand of sexy romantic suspense in the future!” ~ USA Today Bestselling Romance Author Kallypso Masters

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June 1, 2016


Suspenseful Seduction Publishing

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4 reviews for Take the Money and Run: Malone Brothers Book 1

  1. RhondaB

    I’ve read Samantha’s Trident Security series and loved them. This is a new series and one that I really like so far. KC is helping Moriah who is one the run from some pretty bad guys. Loved the heat between these two and can’t wait to read more with his brothers.

  2. Carolyn

    This is the first book in the series about three brothers who were raised by their uncle after loosing their parents. KC Malone is a Navy Seal hoping for some R&R at the beach house he was raised in. He’s met by a gun wielding Moriah Jansen at the door. Moriah is on the run from some really bad guys. Both of them are now in danger.

  3. Annemieke

    Hot suspense thriller. Written with love I even cried a little for Moriah.
    A page turner for sure. The suspense is great you never know what’s coming.
    Fantastic read.

  4. Allena Haskins

    Received an ARC for an honest review. I didn’t think I could love this as much as her Trident series; but I did. The Malone brothers are as good a read as the Trident guys and the chemistry between the H/h is great.
    On the run with a drug lords stolen money Miriah is hiding out at KC’s uncle’s house. KC has just come off of a mission that has him seriously considering taking a job as an instructor he is burnt out.
    From their first encounter where he is confronted by a scared gun wielding woman to the final confrontation with the bad guys the story flows well.

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