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Vikki is an eclectic writer with her fingers in many genres.  As a history buff, it was easy to realize historical fiction would be the first of the books she would pen, but as a long time tech junky, she knew that would play into her stories as well and so the SciFi series was born.

With such a vivid imagination, it’s hard to say what will come next, just that there will be much, much more.

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Synapse Continuum


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In the thrilling conclusion to the Alpha Core Trilogy, Calder McKenna and Sierra Mason are forced to face the demons that plague them and brought their team to its knees. As GenMed closes in, finding them at every turn, pushing them to run from the places and people they love, they realize once and for all that they must stand and fight or see their lives and those around them forfeit.

How far can a person be pushed before instinct overpowers the one thing that drives them to kill? How long can a person hide before fear is eradicated by sheer will?

For Calder and Sierra, the answer lies within the key and the key lies within them. All they need do now is find it.


October 22, 2018

The pace never lets up, and Romano keeps the cast tidy and tight. If you liked the first two, you’ll be happy. It’s also really fun to watch the writing evolve over this series. I love an author who wants to keep learning. My only complaints are things I would have loved to get a deeper glimpse into, like Gage and Jordan’s back stories and the details of Sierra’s new abilities. But the word on the street is there’s more to this story, so I can always hope.

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Chaotikinetic Press

Publication Date

11 Feb 2017




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