Tara Mills

Sweetest Taboo


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Best friends for years, Lance is the first person Kavita thinks of, the one person she and Angie can always call for anything, so buying the little beach house next to his when it becomes available is a great idea. Only, the open-door policy between the new neighbors brings a level of intimacy none of them anticipate, laying bare secrets and sentiments on all sides.

Is there such a thing as being too close, and can their friendship survive if they redefine what they mean to one another and take their relationship to the next level?


Angie rose and held up the nearly empty bottle. “Finish your wine. I want to pop another.”

Lance drained his glass and held it out to her. Kavita followed suit.

“Be right back.” Angie blew a saucy air kiss over her shoulder then sauntered into the house.

He grinned at Kavita. “She’s a flirty thing. I didn’t know that.” Wandering over to the railing, he leaned against it and sipped what Angie had poured him.

She laughed. “There’s a lot you don’t know about Angie.”

Intrigued, he simply studied the beautiful woman watching him. The expression in her eyes beguiled him. The temptress was out tonight.

Angie rejoined them, holding the next bottle. “Who’s first?” She looked equally wicked, or playful. Could she be both? He wondered.

“I’ll probably regret it…hit me.” Kavita held out her glass and Angie filled it halfway. Then Kavita cast a challenging glance his way. “Lance?”

“What the hell?” He offered his own glass and received an equal pour.

All three stood there in the waning light, contemplating one another while the steady sound of the waves rising then retreating filled the quiet gulf between them. He was getting the strangest vibe off of them tonight.

Kavita turned to Angie and asked, quite seriously this time, “I know we talked and talked about it, but now I’m having second thoughts. What do you think?”

The manner with which Angie quietly studied him made Lance swallow—hard. Then she nodded to Kavita. “Me too. We have to know. Go ahead.”

He drew back, suddenly wary. “What’s going on?” Growing more paranoid by the second, he felt a little like an explorer who’d just strayed into a band of cannibals.

“Nothing.” Kavita stalked slowly toward him. “Yet.”

He gave an uncomfortable laugh and looked over at Angie. “You can tell me. It’s okay.”

Kavita stopped right in front of him, her bare toes touching the tips of his. He felt the brush of her gorgeous breasts against his shirt. God, she was beautiful.

“Tell me something.” Her voice was in a seductive register. The musician, and the man in him responded. He couldn’t look away from her dark eyes. They owned him. “Why aren’t you seeing anyone?”

His mind scrambled to find an acceptable answer for her. He swallowed again and said, “Not interested.”

“Uh huh.” She cast a look over her shoulder at Angie and they smiled at one another. Angie gave her a nod.

Turning back to him, Kavita set her glass of wine on the railing behind him then gently lifted his out of his hand. She set that glass beside her own. He was frozen, waiting, wondering, hoping, terrified to hope. What the hell was going on?

Then she rose up on her toes, leaning her body full against his, and slid her hand up his chest and around the back of his neck. He didn’t resist. He thought he should. Felt he should, but couldn’t. He’d wanted this for too long.

Their lips brushed, caressed then devoured. He wanted to gulp her down, consume her, yet he forced himself to keep his hands on her hips and not take over. What he couldn’t control was the long-hidden secret spilling from his tongue to hers as they kissed.

Kavita eased back with a sad, sober smile and touched two fingers to her lips. “I thought so.”

He dropped his hands, ashamed of himself.

“Lance, are you in love with me?” she asked.

Knowing the truth was out now, it was pointless to deny it. “Yes,” he whispered. He looked toward Angie, silently begging her forgiveness, but she looked back at him with the same understanding smile.

“And Angie?” Kavita asked softly, bringing his attention back to her. “Do you love her too?”

Ah fuck. “There’s a distinct probability,” he replied, even more ashamed.

Kavita turned and held out her hand to Angie. “Come here. You have to try this. It’s nice.”

Drawing Angie forward, Kavita stepped aside and suddenly he was looking into Angie’s luminous face. Her eyes were a dark, midnight blue in this light and her slender body had less give than Kavita’s, but it was still soft and felt wonderful against him. She slid both hands up and behind him and he took hold of her slim hips as she drew him down.

The technique between the women varied, but he liked both kisses equally. Where tender Kavita gave and shared, Angie took. She was assertive, aggressive, and she made soft growling sounds deep in her throat as their hungry mouths mashed together. Those base sounds shot straight to his groin.

Then she drew back, stroking his face just before she broke contact with him.

“Very nice,” she agreed with a smile for Kavita.

“I told you.”

They considered him thoughtfully then both dropped their eyes down his body to the incriminating bulge in his shorts.

Angie turned to Kavita, her smile deepening, and said, “Something tells me it’s time we talked.”


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January 1, 2015


Sherman Hills Press

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