Sweet Solace


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Betrayal Broke Them Once…

We can’t afford to indulge in this attraction, but our connection burns too brightly to ignore.

My husband was the second man who betrayed my trust when he left me alone to raise my daughter. Asher was the first. I found solace from both in my novels, writing about the hero I’d lost. But in those bestselling books, Asher-I mean my hero-didn’t shatter my heart the way he had in real life.

There were so many things I couldn’t say to Dahlia when she was seventeen. But I’ve never forgotten the only girl I ever loved. My voice and song-writing talent made me star. Fame extracted its price. Now I have another chance-the chance to restore her faith in love. The chance to find it for myself.

I’m not letting Dahlia go now that I have her in my arms again. 

Perfect for fans of the Kendall Ryan, Carly Phillips, and A. L. Jackson, Sweet Solace and its sequels take readers on an emotional, sexy journey of hot men and their feisty women who are transformed by courage, self-sacrifice, and love.


“A lovely start to the Seattle Sound series, Sweet Solace immerses the reader in a bittersweet romance between two caring souls. Alexa has injected so much passion and feeling between these two characters that you find yourself wanting more of Asher and Dahlia by the time you get to the end of the book. That’s how good her storytelling is.” – Lisette, book blogger and author

“Sweet Solace is a heart gripping emotional stories from both Asher’s and Dahlia’s points of view. This tear jerking story will grab you from the start and not let go. Alexa has shown how rough life can be for popular musicians and their families.” – Angel via Goodreads

“Dahlia and Asher are beautifully crafted and their well-written story just tears into the reader.” -The Mysterious Reader

“Alexa’s writing brings you right into the heart of both characters and you can’t help but root them on into their HEA.” – Bookbub Reviewer

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June 9, 2018


Sidecar Press, LLC

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