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Surrender: A Collection of Six Short Stories


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A Collection of 6 previously released short stories of historical erotic romances -all steamy and all HEAs

This collection includes:

The King’s Concubine – A newly crowned King takes advantage of an ancient law to steal his brother’s fiancee and makes her his concubine, hoping he can rid himself of his horrible wife and finally make his lover his true queen.

The Vampire’s Reluctant Concubine- A young girl is stolen from her family’s home on the eve of her wedding and is forced to spend 200 years as the sole concubine to her vampire lover, who has promised to release her after her requisite servitude is over- but after two centuries he never expected she’d want to leave and now he loves her far too much to her let her go.

Love & Lust in the Gilded Age: A time traveler trying to eradicate a nefarious crime figure in her own time is sent to the 1880s in hopes of changing history by falling in love with that man’s ancestor– she soon discovers he was her true destiny all along.

Fertile & Innocent, Claimed by the Mountain King: A young princess on her way to her wedding is captured by the larger than life soldiers of an enemy kingdom who live within impenetrable mountains. The great Moutain King is so taken by the delicate princess he vows to make her his queen- but according to custom, he needs to breed her first- and with their size difference, that is much easier said than done.

The Spoils of War, Story of Saxon Bride, Part 1 & 2 : A young Saxon noblewoman is continuously pulled back and forth by the love of her life, a ruthless Norman warrior turned nobleman and her childhood sweetheart, a Saxon earl who refuses to give her up for good.

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