Sperm Donor Wanted


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Call it what you want. All I know is I need it. All of it. A fully loaded turkey baster or a bucket chock full, it doesn’t matter. I need it, and Roman Blake is just the dude for the job.

When I realized that the woman ditched in front of my house was in fact Gia Avery, it was literally a blast from the past kinda moment. But it was when I found out why she was here that made me nearly lose it.

This is the crazy, out-of-bounds, totally insane, whacked out to the core, wet your pants, make-your-mama-scream, funny as all-get-out story about what it means to take donations to a whole other level. So, come on over to the goofy side and get your hillbilly on while you cackle like a wild hyena, and get lost in the story of Gia and Roman and the crazy band of idiots they call friends.

Author’s Disclaimer: This book is stupid. No, seriously. It’s stupid, and I think I may have even lost a few brain cells in the process of writing it. It’s downright moronic. You have to be a special kind of person to appreciate this level of dumb. This book is absolutely not intended for the uptight, unhappy, snooty, humor-lacking folks out there. If you do not have the sense of humor like a pack of teenage boys or if you’re missing your funny bone, you should seriously look elsewhere for a more intelligent kind of read because this hot mess is not for you. But if you’re anything like me and find stuff funny just for the sake of finding stuff funny then you are my spirit animal.

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This story has been re-worked, scrubbed, and polished and and has been turned into an original fiction for your reading enjoyment!

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S.L. Romines aka OzellaMarie

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October 25, 2016


S.L. Romines


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S.L. Romines is a Romantic Comedy author that lives in a small town in Central California, and if you blink you just might miss it. She resides on a ranch with her family which she lovingly refers to as the funny farm. Between getting dish pan hands, listening to three bickering teenagers, pretending that she’s a gourmet chef (her family would like to disagree), and trying to tune out the sound of twenty-seven deranged Guinea fowl, somehow she finds the time to write about crazy characters that even make her laugh till she cries.