Settling The Score


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As Jasinda Reed admits to a friend, she “hasn’t had a hot date since two years and twenty pounds ago.” It’s been a lot longer than that since she’s trusted a man…with good reason. She harbors no intentions of changing that any time soon.

Jasinda hardly expects to meet Mr. Right while working behind the ice cream counter at Biggie Scoops. One night, when a handsome and charming stranger shows up at just the right time, Jasinda fears he and his attentive flirting may be too good to be true.

Pro quarterback Craig Wilder goes after what he wants when he sees it. At the top of his career, the popular football player is surrounded by fame, fortune, and his pick of any woman he wants. Well, almost any woman…the one he sets his sights on keeps pushing him away. Can the hot jock scale the wall that Jasinda put up to protect her heart?

Jasinda panics when a scary incident puts her life in jeopardy. She wonders if someone is really out to get her or if she’s letting the past haunt her present – and possibly destroy her romantic future.

Is someone out there focused on settling the score, ready to teach Jasinda that revenge is a dish best served cold as ice cream? Is Jasinda falling in love or falling into a trap?

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October 2016


Romantic Suspense Press

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Diane Blake writes romantic suspense stories that keep you on the edge of your seat right up until the HEA endings.