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Rock Star’s Heart

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When a twist of fate throws university student Crys Murphy into an unexpected job on tour with a wildly successful rock band, her crush on the guitarist turns into powerful temptation. But there’s a dark side to the glamour and champagne: Blade has anger and addiction issues, a history of partying with groupies, and a tendency to get naked in public — and Crys is supposed to keep him out of trouble.

As she gets to know the talented and lonely man behind the bad boy behavior, the chemistry between them wavers on the edge of something deeper. But he doesn’t do relationships, and she grew up expecting a white-picket-fence future. Can he reform and open his heart to love? Will she give up her straitlaced upbringing for her troubled rock star?

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Rock Star’s Heart is a medium-heat contemporary romance novel (some open-door sex scenes with moderate description) about an ordinary university student who stumbles into an unexpected job on tour with a wildly successful rock band and falls hard for the guitarist. Some of the characters swear, and there are scenes relating to drug addiction.

Editorial Reviews

ROCK STAR’S HEART by Kella Campbell proves beyond a doubt that, yes, there is room for one more rock star romance and yes, it can have a fresh face, fresh approach and can shine above the rest!” — Tome Tender Book Blog

“Rock Star’s Heart by Kella Campbell is a beautiful and gritty rock star romance book! … Blade and Crys, together with their honest banter and sweet-hot connection, made this a great read.” — Luv My Books

“What a fantastic story. Her storyline was compelling and I absolutely loved Blade and Crys as well as the the band and crew.” — The Book Enthusiast

“I’m pleased to say that Rock Star’s Heart didn’t let me down … a solid rock star romance that fans of the trope will enjoy.” — Romance Rehab

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February 28, 2018


Tied Star Books

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293 pages

2 reviews for Rock Star’s Heart

  1. Sarah DeLong (verified owner)

    Blade and Crys have an intensely emotional and beautifully written story. I loved reading about the band members and their crew. Blade and Crys start off as your typical crushing on the rock star, but quickly turns into something so much more deeper. I really, really enjoyed reading this novel and will definitely be reading more books from this new to me author.

  2. Dreamer

    Bad boys need love too

    Blade needs a reason to get off of this self destructive path he’s been On For years. His heroine addiction, partying, and don’t give a F*ck lifestyle is slowly killing him.

    Crys is that reason.

    Though meeting by chance and agreeing to an unlikely proposition Blade finds his reason to want to fight his demons and be the person Crys deserves.

    Crys is tired of being that girl everyone expects her to be. She stands by Blade through his darkest moments and pushes him to be better. She challenges him when his demons call and supports him through every step of his journey. He after all has her heart.

    Even when yelling at the top of your lungs at Blade for missing the good thing right in front of him you have to love this bad boy. This is my first read and I am definitely a fan. She writes characters that make you want to jump into the pages and be a part of their journey. Very passionate and heartfelt read. Who doesn’t love a bad boy Rock Star? Can’t wait for what’s next.

    I love that I get to learn about the band members too. I want to read more please.

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Kella Campbell can usually be found in Vancouver, Canada.

She writes mostly romance, because love and relationships are what she finds most interesting about life and in fiction. Even when she dips into other genres, her writing almost always has romantic/emotional/relationship elements.

Kella likes tea and dark chocolate and happily-ever-after endings.