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Vikki is an eclectic writer with her fingers in many genres.  As a history buff, it was easy to realize historical fiction would be the first of the books she would pen, but as a long time tech junky, she knew that would play into her stories as well and so the SciFi series was born.

With such a vivid imagination, it’s hard to say what will come next, just that there will be much, much more.

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Racing with the Sun (The Lambourne Legacy Book 3)


  • EUR: € 3.54
  • AUD: $5.64
  • CAD: $5.30
  • GBP: $3.10
  • ZAR: $55.04


Carson Reginald Lambourne, last son of the Marquess of Daventry, spent his life with his head in the clouds and his heart longing for a more adventurous and romantic life away from the stifling streets of Mayfair.

Nasrin Al-Shirazi, the youngest daughter of a traveling merchant, finds herself imprisoned by the very man who vowed to destroy her family, and one who threatens even now to cut short the life she knows has passed her by.

When a fleeting glance sets danger into motion, need and treachery will stir the hot desert winds until there is no place for them to run except to the safety of England’s shores. But even there, the ugly face of nobility and inclusion will threaten to unravel the very threads of their lives.

Racing with the Sun, the third book in the Lambourne Legacy series, will take you on a mysterious and adventurous trek through the hot and spicy world of Tangier, where the heat doesn’t always come from the sun.

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Pedigree Press

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July 28, 2018




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