Powers’ Pulse (Book 2 Chicago Series)


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Hailey Powers left Chicago at nineteen, vowing to never look back, even if it meant leaving CJ Montgomery, and a piece of her heart, behind.  She has changed in her time away – grown stronger, done things no one could have predicted, raised a daughter almost entirely on her own.  When she returns to Chicago, under the most difficult of circumstances, she will be thrust into CJ’s life and career, the very things he’s made without her.  Can she go home?  And when she does, is that to a place or to a person?

CJ Montgomery has made peace with her leaving, at least that is what he tells himself to get through his days and nights.  Thirteen years have passed since Hailey walked away, hand in hand with CJ’s best friend Jamie no less.  Are thirteen years long enough for a heart to forget?  He’s tried to let her go, made a life as a surgeon, dated more than his share of women – more than his brothers’ shares too.  But there will be only one Hailey in his life and he has always believed in second chances.  When she reappears in his life, in his hospital, and in need of his help, he’ll stand true.  Will the choices Hailey made in life keep them reliving the past or give them a second chance at the future?

Powers’ Pulse is a story of friendship, secrets, and letting love lead you home – no matter where or who that might be.  Love finds a way.

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August 7, 2018


Jennifer Driscoll

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