Owned: Nectar for the Gods Book 1


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On Anteros, human women have one purpose: to produce nectar.

Tressa has been kidnapped from Earth, and when she wakes up on Anteros, she’s told her only purpose in life now is to produce the substance that Anterrins crave. But her nectar is declared unsuitable, and she’s scheduled to be destroyed.

She’s saved by brothers Joram and Keilat, who plan to exploit her difference to make themselves very wealthy. When she captures their hearts instead, can they keep her safe from the powerful people who would take her away to face a grim future? And will Tressa ever submit to the discipline and delicious torments her handsome new masters plan for her?

With dark themes, unequal power exchange, corrective discipline, and explicit menage scenes (M/f/M) this HEA romance will leave you aching to steal away to Anteros.

Book 1 in the Nectar for the Gods series.

Your Anterrin masters await!


Since it’s a Sophie Kisker book, you know that you are going to get some really hot sex along with a really hot story. You also know that you are going to get spankings, more spankings, and oh yeah, did I say spankings? Owned has all that and even more, and it is as addictive as the Anterrin men find human women. This is definitely a book where you want to take the time to savor and enjoy. -Clara B.

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Audio, EPUB (for NON-KINDLE users), MOBI (FOR KINDLE USERS), Paperback

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January 31, 2018


Sophie Kisker




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For years I wrote and hid capture fantasies and stories of unequal power exchange in the computer, convinced that no one would be interested in the twisted musings of my mind.  When the internet finally showed me that there were others who shared the same dark desires I’d hidden, I decided to come out of the closet.

My men are strong, even when love makes them tender. My women are fierce and independent and will not surrender until they are respected. My stories are about negotiating the often-dark dance of dominance and submission between the two. In the end, though, he always claims her heart.

Right now, I split my time between being mother, wife, overworked employee, and slave to the cat. Most evenings will find me hiding in my office cave to write, where I only care about my internet signal and the strength of my coffee.