Dorothy Ewels

One Night Only (epub)


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Mia is on the run but tired of being lonely. She wonders what it would be like if, just this one night only, she found someone to chase away the loneliness. But does she have the courage? When she meets a handsome stranger in the hotel bar she decides he’s the one. And finds the courage to ask him back to her room for a night of passion to sooth the loneliness.

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Mia sat sipping a drink at the bar contemplating what to do as another lonely evening stretched out before her.  She had been on the run for so long that she no longer had a home or friends to call her own.  Having witnessed her ex-husband murder a man in cold blood she had fled and was still running, trying to stay ahead of him.  She knew if he ever caught up with her that he would kill her without a moment’s hesitation.  But for this one night only she wished she could share the company of another, to ease this aching loneliness inside her.

She twisted in her seat to take the rest of the bar in and noticed a man sitting at a table by himself reading a newspaper.  No companion, no wedding ring.  Mia wondered about him, her curiosity piqued.  It wasn’t like she had anything else to do, other than stare at this gorgeous man and create a fantasy in her head about who he was and what he did.  Was he was married, involved or single.  Why was he here on business?  Or was he here for some personal business?  Maybe he was here on holiday?

As if feeling the weight of her stare, the man looked up, straight at her.  For a moment he just looked at her; and then he smiled and took her breath away.  The man was absolutely gorgeous but when he smiled he was positively lethal.  While maintaining eye contact, the man got up from the table and walked towards her.



✿ I’m addicted and I need more. Loved it. Great read. ★★★★★

✿ Awesome short story. ★★★★

✿ Great short story. Hoping the author continues the saga. ★★★★

✿ A few pages of hotness. I look forward to more from this author. ★★★★★

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November 25, 2017


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6 pages


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A proud member of the Romance Writer’s Organization of South Africa (ROSA), Dorothy Ewels developed a love of reading from early on. Her passion for the written word has spanned across decades until she finally put a pen to paper and began her path as an indie author.

Married, with one son and three fur babies, she lives in Cape Town and while she loves travelling, she cannot see herself living anywhere else. When she’s not weaving stories in her writing cave, she spends her time with family, friends, as well as enjoying crafting. But of course, her main passions are reading and writing.