Northbridge Episodes Seven To Twelve (New Adult Contemporary Soap Opera Romantic Serial)


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New to Northbridge?  Welcome to sex, sin, scandal, and secrets on a small New England college campus. Spoiler warning! The description of Episodes Seven To Twelve in the next paragraph will give away plot points if you haven’t read the first six episodes yet! Skip down to the General Northbridge Description section below to discover what Northbridge is all about. Then start at the beginning reading Episodes One To Six before continuing with Episodes Seven To Twelve.

Northbridge Fans – The wait is over! Pauline fights for dear life. Sarah tempts Scott. Elise comes home to an empty house and discovers it’s not so empty after all. Diana discovers the campus killer’s identity! And that’s just in episode seven…

General Northbridge Description

Northbridge – a town right out of a classic nighttime soap opera. Hot sex? Good, old-fashioned romance? Campus-wide scandal? Dirty secrets? Killer cliffhangers? Yeah, it’s got all that!

Newlywed Pauline Rondell gets more than she bargained for when her husband Scott convinces her to move to the small college town of Northbridge. She loved the glossy university brochure: The smiling football player and cheerleader crossing the quad. Ivy growing on the side of the building. Students reading under a tree ablaze with fall foliage.

Pauline soon discovers the brochure left out a few important details: Sarah, her husband’s old girlfriend who won’t let go of the past. The professor whose desktop sees more action than a mattress salesman. The stalker lurking in the shadows.

Not to mention what the rest of Pauline’s new friends and neighbors in Northbridge are up to…

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May 2015


Granite Gate Media

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SECRETS OF SLATERS FALLS achieved semifinalist status in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. Matthew’s screenplay adaptation of his novel, ZACH’S SECRET, was a finalist in a contest sponsored by Script Magazine.

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