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Welcome to my Eden Books store! I am so excited to have the opportunity to sell books without the censorship that seems to be increasing every day. At this time I only have ebooks but I will be eventually selling paperbacks here as well.

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A few of my books are published though Blushing Books, and can’t be sold here on Eden Books. You can find them on Amazon, though. They include:

Fear and Desire (noncon, capture fantasy)

The Midrosian Chronicles (sci-fi, BDSM, noncon, capture fantasies)
~Memories of Surrender
~Longings of Surrender
~Tears of Surrender


Nectar for the Gods: the Complete Series Box Set

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Claimed — Owned — Saved — Given
All Four Books Now Together!

On Anteros, human women are valued for only one thing: the intoxicating nectar they produce between their thighs. They are slaves, subject to unspeakable indignities and horrors, experimented on, bred, and disposed as their Anterrin masters see fit. There is no escape, and no return to their homes on Earth.

And yet–
They fight for freedom. They struggle to raise their hybrid children in safety. They try to right the wrongs done to them. And when they are lucky, they find love in the arms of their strict masters, who don’t hesitate to demand obedience, and apply loving discipline.

But will it be enough?

Claimed – Dreams Fill Her Nights, and Nightmares Fill Her Days.
She has a message for her new master, but is he willing to listen before he sends her away?

Owned – Her Nectar is Her Only Value
But who will save her when it’s declared unsuitable and she’s scheduled to be destroyed?

Saved – She Escapes,and Her Alien Owner Wants Her Back
Can the brothers who love her hide her until she’s safe?

Given – Their Human Slave is Hiding a Dangerous Secret
How can her mates protect her when she isn’t telling them the truth?

Contains spanking, scenes of rape, consensual BDSM sex, and punishments.



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Word count:

app. 145,000


app. 520

Publication Date:

May 30th, 2019



Published by:

Sophie Kisker


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For years I wrote and hid capture fantasies and stories of unequal power exchange in the computer, convinced that no one would be interested in the twisted musings of my mind.  When the internet finally showed me that there were others who shared the same dark desires I’d hidden, I decided to come out of the closet.

My men are strong, even when love makes them tender. My women are fierce and independent and will not surrender until they are respected. My stories are about negotiating the often-dark dance of dominance and submission between the two. In the end, though, he always claims her heart.

Right now, I split my time between being mother, wife, overworked employee, and slave to the cat. Most evenings will find me hiding in my office cave to write, where I only care about my internet signal and the strength of my coffee.