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Marriage & Mating: Brides of Sava Prime, Part 2


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Eve has been transformed into a Savian bride, a kira with two husbands. On her way to her new home, she has fallen madly in love and bonded with the fearsome Captain Euric, but now she’s arrived on Sava Prime and has finally come face to face with General Faren, husband number 2.

In Part 2, Eve falls in love with Faren, consummates both her marriages, learns how to be a wife to two jealous husbands, becomes pregnant and figures out how to make her husbands share her.


Eve Durand has been transformed into a “kira”, a Savian bride. She learns that all kira have two husbands, a Vezet, her provider and a Vendari, her protector, ancient titles that represent her two breeding mates.
They have to be distinguished because kiras also have a Kezar, a group of non-breeding lovers that reside in her household. All Savian men are monogamous and need to bond with a female mate for their survival. Kezars ensure more Savian males are allowed access to a female. As a kira, she is expected to please and be pleasured by two husbands and as many as ten lovers.

During Eve’s transformation she is married off to two high-ranking Savian diplomatic officers, General Faren, her Vezet and Captain Euric, her Vendari. Euric is in command of the ship bringing the Earth kiras back to Sava Prime and is able to bond with her first. In Part 1, Eve and Euric fall in love during the three-day trip back to Sava Prime, but their honeymoon is cut short when he has to deliver her to General Faren, her other husband. Part 2 begins with her arrival in Sava Prime.

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