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Magic Man, An Older Woman, Younger Man Romance


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At 37-years-old, beautiful Kendra Emmerich is the President of a Fortune 500 company and at the top of her game, but when her husband of ten years dumps her for a younger woman, she’s left feeling alone, devastated and insecure about her looks.

At 28, brilliant and sexy Logan Byrne has just been promoted to VP of Engineering. Every woman at Emmertech is dying to get their hands on the Magic Man, but he only has eyes for Kendra.

After ten years of unrequited love, Logan is on a mission to woo Kendra and make her fall in love with him. The second that door opens, he’ll not only sweeps her off her feet and mend her heart, he’ll give her the one thing she’s always wanted.

This is an older woman younger man romance, with lots of sweet and sexy scenes, no cheating, plus that guaranteed Happily Ever After!  

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Writer, wife, dachshund lover, Francophile, history buff, sci-fi junkie- I tend to write erotic romance for nerdy girls– because that’s who I am.

A quick glance at my catalog and you’ll find I do not devote myself to any one specific type of romance sub-genre: I like historical, sci-fi, humorous, and just plain romantic. But no matter what kind of story it is, my smart and funny heroines are always adored and my endings are always happy.

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