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Nikita Slater is the International Bestselling author of The Queens series, Fire & Vice series, The Sanctuary series, Driven Hearts series and several standalone novels. She lives on the beautiful Canadian prairies with her son and her crazy awesome dog. She has an unholy affinity for books (especially erotic romance), wine, pets and anything chocolate. Despite some of the darker themes in her books (which are pure fun and fantasy), Nikita is a staunch feminist and advocate of equal rights for all races, genders and non-gender specific persons. When she isn’t writing, dreaming about writing or talking about writing, she helps others discover a love of reading and writing through literacy and social work.

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Nikita’s Reading list:

Fire & Vice Series:
Book 1: Prisoner of Fortune
Book 2: Fight or Flight
Book 3: King’s Command
Book 4: Savage Vendetta
Book 5: Fear in Her Eyes
Book 6: Bound by Blood
Book 7: In His Sights
Book 8: Burning Beauty (coming soon!)

Driven Hearts Series:
Book 1: Driven by Desire
Book 2: Thieving Hearts
Book 3: Capturing Victory

The Queens Series:
Book 1: Scarred Queen
Book 1.5: Alejandro’s Prey
Book 2: Queen’s Move
Book 3: Born a Queen (Coming soon!)

You’re Mine Series:
Book 1: Because You’re Mine
Book 2: Mine to Keep

The Sanctuary Series:
Book 1: Sanctuary’s Warlord
Book 2: Sanctuary on Fire (release date: July 30, 2019)
Book 3: The Last Sanctuary (coming soon!)

Stalked (novella)
The Assassin’s Wife
Luna & Andres (Blaire’s World)

After Dark Series (Co-written with Jasmin Quinn):
Good Girl
Hostile Takeover

Luna & Andres


  • EUR: € 3.54
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  • CAD: $5.30
  • GBP: $3.10
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A dark romance by International Bestselling Author Nikita Slater.

I thought our love would be enough to get us through forever. From the moment we met our passion, our love, it was explosive and consuming. My Andres is my rock, my love, my everything.
But sometimes love isn’t enough. Some things are more important. Now I’m doing something I never thought possible. I’m running from the cartel, from my home and from my husband. I’m running for my life.

Luna has been my light in the darkness from the moment I set eyes on her. She is my rock, my comfort, my only love. Her betrayal burns deep.
She can’t be allowed to live. The cartel, my family, they won’t sanction it. I will hunt my wife and I will put her down. Though it will kill the last decent thing left in me…

This books is standalone. Guaranteed HEA, NO cheating, NO cliffhanger. Sizzling dark mafia romance. Read at your own risk!

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