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Loving Fox


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Two years ago I fell in love with a woman that wasn’t mine to fall in love with.

With no other choice, I stood by watching as she lost everything, until all that was left was a shell of her former self.

And I let her drag me down into the darkness with her.

It’s hard to compete with a ghost, but I’m determined for her to see me as more than the friend I’ve been.

So, I fight the only way I know how–down, dirty, and with the buzz of my tattoo needle.

My name is Fox Beckett and this is how I won Allie’s love.

*Loving Fox is the conclusion of the Allie & Fox Duet.


“This is the perfect conclusion to the Allie and Fox Duet. My heart is so full of love.

Allie and Fox have a connection soul-deep and as a reader, you can feel it. The way Lynne Leslie takes Fox and Allie’s feelings and expresses it through her writing is phenomenal. I was swooning so much because Fox is a dream guy. He loves so hard and the way he loves Allie will melt your heart. Their love goes beyond any love you can imagine. When Allie lost Liam she fell apart but with Fox as her rock she rose like a Phoenix from the ashes and conquered her demons. She was such a strong heroine and decided when enough was enough and reached out to get the help she needed. Her inner strength prevailed.

Loving Fox was so much more than just a love story. It sends the message that it’s okay to fall apart but never to forget that you are always stronger than you think. With that strength and the anchor of love from supportive friends and family, you are never truly alone in the fight. Bravo Lynne Leslie for this powerful and heartfelt book!” —Dee, its.gottabethebooks

“There’s nothing easy about Fox and Allie. It hasn’t been easy from day one so why would that change now. Fox still has to deal with the feelings from his brother, his addiction and death, while also battling transferring those feelings of loss to Allie. I love that Allie comes out strong and stays that way. Even when things get a little rough she holds firm, even when part of holding firm is turning away Fox. I love the healing and that they take time to tackle the hard stuff. It’s an amazing emotional read and as their friends rally around it’s that family and the love surrounding them that help them thru it all. It helps you fall in love with them all over again. Love this author and all the circles that they went through to make it happen. My kindle wasn’t in jeopardy but my heart sure was. This author showed us what it can take to be in an Epic love.” —Teri, Goodreads Reviewer

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August 28, 2019


Lynne Leslie

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