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Vikki is an eclectic writer with her fingers in many genres.  As a history buff, it was easy to realize historical fiction would be the first of the books she would pen, but as a long time tech junky, she knew that would play into her stories as well and so the SciFi series was born.

With such a vivid imagination, it’s hard to say what will come next, just that there will be much, much more.

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Love in the Stars (The Lambourne Legacy Book 2)


  • EUR: € 2.65
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  • CAD: $3.97
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  • ZAR: $41.25


Archer Humphrey Lambourne, third son to the Marquis of Daventry, had always longed to fill his life with culture and travel across the exotic world. His love of knowledge, prompted by a fond mentor, has him yearning for more at every turn until a chance meeting has him questioning his nomadic existence.

Cassiopeia Grainger, the daughter of a university professor, finds herself trapped in a world where her brilliant mind and naturally-inherent knowledge has gone unnoticed. With nowhere to express her strong opinion, she finds herself trapped in the tide of a patriarchal society, stunted and silent until an old adversary returns to reignite a fire she had thought long banked.

When a Fellowship dinner brings them to the same point under the stars, long held emotions of longing and betrayal stir the heavens until there is no place for them to hide from their obvious attraction. It will take an extraordinary event to align their hearts on this stellar path.


October 29, 2017

Loved the strong women and the honest confusion of the men. It makes the story so much more believable and the characters more genuine and loveable. Well done!

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Pedigree Press

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Oct 29, 2014




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