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Like Dragonflies

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This is the most seamless writing I have seen in forbidden romance from an author duo. It was literally like one infinite stream of thought from the same mind. – Ella at EscapeNBooks
“When you’re surrounded by flowers, they lose their prettiness. Even flowers wish they could be dragonflies. And dragonflies wish they could be flowers.”


I’m the good girl from Ashton Hills.
Rich. Pampered. Spoiled.
Slowly suffocating under my mother’s stifling thumb.

He’s the bad boy from Duncan.
Poor. Abused. Criminal.
Being swallowed by the darkness each passing second.

Two lost souls searching for freedom and happiness.
We’re lonely—broken—and trapped.
Until the universe brings us together.

Sometimes love is instantaneous.

A supernova collision of emotions.
Something that cannot be ignored.

As our hearts tangle to the point they’ll never be able to part, the past comes creeping up like an evil villain. The mistakes of our parents become our consequences to face.

We’re madly, deeply, foolishly in love.
Soul mates who finally found each other.
Two people who share the same father.

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K Webster and Danielle James

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43 reviews for Like Dragonflies

  1. kahea46

    ***5 Stars***

    I couldn’t put this baby down.

    It’s true once I started, there was no stopping because from the first words I was all in. This one gave me everything my forbidden/taboo loving heart could ever want or need: sweet, swoon worthy moments, heartbreaking moments and even a few wanting to gut a few people with a spoon moments, that left me wanting more when there were no more words to be read.

    I adored Mars and Sage. Mars has been beaten by the short end of the stick for his entire life and yet he’s somehow survived it all with his heart still in tact and is simply a really good and really sweet person . He wants a better life and is determined to get it, even it means dealing with all crap he doesn’t deserve. Sage is so much more than she appears to be. Yes, her life hasn’t been difficult, at least on the outside, but on the inside she’s stuck and doesn’t know how to break free without adding more drama to her life. What I loved about Sage is that even though she is stuck, she is still very much her own person and doesn’t want to be like “everyone else” and rebels in her own way.

    Mars and Sage’s journey was all kinds of sweet. It really was. From the moment they collided, there was that spark between them and I loved watching them get to know each other and realize that they simply made each other happy by being exactly who they were without pretense or expectation. Of course, there had to be a huge sinkhole in their road, but I really liked how it was handled and how they got the HEA they deserved.

    I really enjoyed this book. The writing was engaging and seamlessly done, I have never read anything by Ms. James, but am a huge #fangirl of Ms. Webster and I couldn’t tell you who wrote what, that is how in sync they are and I’m really looking forward to seeing what else they come up with. All of the characters were well written and helped to bring this story alive. As for the forbidden aspect, I thought they did a great job with it, nothing is over the top and nothing was pushed to the side, it was simple and I enjoyed watching it all playout.

    ~ Copy provided via IndieSage PR & voluntarily reviewed ~

  2. Melissa S.

    I’m in love with this book! “Two lost souls searching for freedom and happiness. We’re lonely-broken-and trapped. Until the universe brings us together.” That is the sentence that drew me into this emotional and beautifully written forbidden love story. It describes this book perfectly. Sage and Mars come from very different upbringings. They meet when Mars starts a new job at the college’s local coffee shop. Little did they know they have more in common then most but sometimes that’s not always a good thing. This book, although forbidden, is absolutely stunning and makes you truly root for this couple. My heart broke for the way Mars grew up. A must read if you are a fan of these authors and the taboo side of love. “I usually like things other people can’t see the beauty in.” The title of this book is pure genius once you read this story! Told in dual POV

  3. Sarah polglaze

    This is my first book by Danielle James and wow did she and k webster give us the goods with this story.
    I devoured this book and highly recommend this taboo read to everyone.
    If you know k webster books be warned this book isn’t for everyone.

  4. Between The Bookends

    It is no secret that K Webster is one of my all-time favorite authors, and I especially love when she dips her toe into the “taboo”, or in this case plunges her whole body into it. I LOVED this book SO much. You’d never guess this was done by two different authors. It was seamlessly written and executed. Yes, the subject is highly taboo, and people will probably lose their sh!t (lol), but putting that aside, this was an incredibly sweet romance about two people who find their soulmate. Who am I to pass judgment on them?

    So onto to the deets…as I mentioned, this was phenomenally well written. In a lot of coauthored books it is easy to tell what author wrote what part of the book (or character), but I dare you to try to guess in this one. I have read nothing by Danielle James before, but I am well acquainted with K, and I have no idea who wrote what. (lol) It was a fairly quick read as well. Clocking in at around two hours of reading time. It was told in a dual POV format. I didn’t find it particularly angsty, and as I mentioned, the taboo issue aside, it was really an insta-love sweet type of story. There was no OW or OM drama. Hero wasn’t a manwhore (21 years old). Heroine was a virgin (18, almost 19 years old), so at least she was young enough to make it believable. This was also a fairly slow burn in terms of sex, but when we do get to the sex scenes, they were smokin’ hot.

    Both the main characters were extremely likable. Mars was sweet. Sexy. Working hard to get his life back on track. Sage was equally sweet. Wore her heart on her sleeve. I loved the growth she showed during the book, and how she stood up for Mars. There were a few interesting secondary characters, but by far my favorite was Charles (Sage’s Dad). The world needs more people like him. Last, it was all wrapped up in a beautiful ending, and I appreciate that these authors didn’t gloss over the reality for these two characters.

    I have little else left to say. I loved every page. Every chapter. Every sentence. Every word. I sincerely hope these two authors pair up again soon. I will be at the front of the line waiting to get my hands on an early copy!

  5. Rhonda Love

    WOW!!!! K Webster and Danielle James’ first book together and it was absolutely fantastic!!! All that forbidden taboo that K Webster is fabulous for is pouring out of this book. Mars and Sage are great together. This books will pull your heart apart and then slowly put it back together. If you enjoyed reading Yhe Wild or Hale by K Webster then this book is for you!!

  6. Tyi Johnson

    Mars and Sage…

    I love reading a good taboo romance. The love, which Mars and Sage, was unique. It wasn’t simple. And it definitely wasn’t understood by everyone. They had to fight for the right to love and be free. Mars and Sage wanted to be one of the dragonflies. Just fly…

  7. Chloe Trivelpiece

    I have loved and devoured all K. Webster’s books.  No matter what she writes…twisted, dark, sexy or sweet, I am reading everything by her!

    So when I was lucky enough to get an ARC copy of her collaboration with Danielle James, I knew was going to go down the rabbit hole yet again! This story is a fast paced, page turner that I couldn’t put down until the very end.

    These ladies do not disappoint, nor do they make the subject of the story, even though it’s taboo, ugly or over done.  To me it wasn’t the main point of the story.  It was about the love between Mars & Sage.  Two young people that find out too late what loving each other really means and rising above it, like dragonflies.

    I love the analogy of dragonflies, I remember an old story that my grandmother told me that dragonflies mate for life…is it true? Who know, but I thought about my grandmother’s story and it just made me love Like Dragonflies more.

    Don’t let the subject of this story detract you from reading it.  It’s a beautiful love story, it’s haunting and angsty and perfect.

    Well done ladies, I hope you decide to write together again someday!

  8. aprilrenee76

    Like Dragonflies is an emotional powerhouse read by K Webster and Danielle James and this is Mars and Sage’s taboo love story.
    Sage and Mars will completely steal your heart in this read and alternatively will have you on the edge of your seat, not wanting to let go. This story is full of heat, drama, angst, twists, turns, passion, heartbreak, taboo romance and love. Mars and Sage are lost souls who find one another. One lives in privilege, the other poor yet their connection is extremely strong.
    This story is going to be one that will have you glued from start to finish. It’s a unique love story- Mars and Sage will stay with you long after the book is over. I don’t want to give any spoilers away but OMG this was such a beautiful rollercoaster of emotions that had me hooked. I especially liked the ending. I do wish we had found out what happened to the rotten parents that caused the problem in this story but that’s the only minor issue I had. Otherwise, amazing!!!

    My Rating: 4.7 stars ******

  9. Mrsjhelms9910

    I will definitely say preface this. If you didn’t enjoy Hale by K Webster just skip this one. But if you were a fan and raved about it then proceed!

    I loved this book. Loved Mars and Sage. You love who you love. You don’t pick, it just happens. I love how they never gave up and let people ruin their lives they fought for their love. I really loved her dad. I have choice words about a few people but ill let you judge them when you read it.

    Can’t wait to see if these two come up with more for us to enjoy reading.

  10. Courtney G. (verified owner)

    Finished this book it one sitting, it was well paced and I didn’t stop reading till there was no pages left LOL
    BUT holy crap I loved this book and don’t worry it’s HEA!
    K Webster & Danielle James are magnificent writers and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

    But I did cry like a baby at the end, I definitely am a satisfied reader and loved Sage and Mars, and can’t forget about Charles (What a Teddy Bear! Love him!)

    Can’t wait for more future Taboo Books!

  11. Nina Kneblik (verified owner)

    A good girl from Ashton Hills.
    A bad boy from Duncan.
    A controlling mother and an abusive father.
    Two lost souls brought together.

    “Sage and me”
    “Existing on the same space, but not on the same path.”
    “In another world—another life.”
    “This one, we exist alongside each other but never intersect.”

    Sage and Mars first encounter is at the Grind House. A coffee shop where Mars works. His first day on the job he meets Sage. When their eyes meet their instantly drawn to each other. Experiencing feelings they’ve never felt before.

    You can’t control who your heart beats for and you can’t control who you fall in love with. Especially when it’s the one person who finally gets you when no one else ever has. You give them your heart. Falling fast and hard.

    A secret is revealed destroying the only perfect thing to ever happen in their lives. A secret so gut-wrenching they don’t know how to fix it. When their hearts broke, mine did too.

    “I don’t care that our journey isn’t perfect. Nothing about us will ever be perfect. We’re just Mars and Sage. Sage and Mars. And we’re finally using our wings to fly away to our own world. A world away from all the chaos that tried to keep us apart. A world that we’ll paint whatever colors we want. A world where we belong.”

    Like Dragonflies may not be for everyone but it’s one I fell in love with and will stay with me for some time. It was so well written it didn’t feel forbidden at all.

  12. Dani Marlowe

    I loved this story. K Webster and Danielle James did a wonderful job on it. The story was very well written with a strong plot. The story was filled with emotions. I couldn’t put the book down. I loved Mars and Sage, they were unique and perfect even with everything they have gone through. The moment they laid eyes on each other, they was an instant connection, it was sweet. They shared a bond that went deep. They were perfect together. Their chemistry was sweet and sexy. They were not only good for each other, they were perfect for each other.
    I also liked Sage’s dad, he was a good guy, he would do anything for the ones he loved.
    This was a wonderful book. I’d highly recommend reading. It’s a 5 Star Must read.
    Thank you, K Webster and Danielle James. Wonderful work Ladies 🙂
    Looking forward to reading more Forbidden stories 😉

  13. Dani Marlowe

    I loved this story. K Webster and Danielle James did a wonderful job on it. The story was very well written with a strong plot. The story was filled with emotions. I couldn’t put the book down. I loved Mars and Sage, they were unique and perfect even with everything they have gone through. The moment they laid eyes on each other, they was an instant connection, it was sweet. They shared a bond that went deep. They were perfect together. Their chemistry was sweet and sexy. They were not only good for each other, they were perfect for each other. They lighted each other’s life, healed each other in a way that was needed. They were True Soul Mates.
    I also liked Sage’s dad, he was a good guy, he would do anything for the ones he loved.
    This was a wonderful book. I’d highly recommend reading. It’s a 5 Star Must read.
    Thank you, K Webster and Danielle James. Wonderful work Ladies 🙂
    Looking forward to reading more Forbidden stories 😉

  14. Amber Norris

    Omg I devoured this book! It’s just so beautifully written! Gah! Mars and Sage are just so sweet and unique. I loved them and their chemistry together is simply unmatched! If you like taboo reads, this one is perfection!

  15. Sanya101

    The queens of taboo strike again!

    I enjoyed the heck out of this book. Mars and Sage were perfect together! Mars was tough but had a heart of gold, and Sage was his perfect counterpart. I’ve read all of K. Webster’s books without fail, and Danielle James has a new fan.
    I loved Like Dragonflies. It was emotional, sexy, and interesting.

  16. Maggie Ng

    This is the first collaboration between K Webster and Danielle James, and there is just one word to sum it up – Flawless. Both authors are experts in taboo gene and the ways they compliment each other ideas are simply beautiful. I just have one question though – why didn’t this happen sooner?

    This story is about love and bravery. Taboo? Sure. But are you going to let others tell you what to do or how to live your life? Or are you brave enough to venture into a whole new world with the person you love?

  17. Tracyg37

    Holy crap, I have been dragged me down the taboo rabbit hole again and I loved it.

    I knew the twist was coming but dam I still was like wtf.

    Mars is the bad boy from the wrong side of town the forbidden fruit you may say, but he is turning his life around but then Sage comes into his life, a dragonfly she is from a rich family and he thinks she wouldn’t look twice at a guy like him but she proves him wrong. 

    Then Sage’s stuck up I can do no wrong mother throws a spanner in the works and tries to keep them apart but when that doesn’t work she plays dirt, but that only pushes Sage and Mars together even more. I do love how Sage’s dad didn’t have a problem with who his daughter loved he just wanted her happy.

    Great read couldn’t put it down.

  18. Casey ~Book Obsession Confessions~

    Why haven’t K. Webster & Danielle James written together sooner? These two wrote this book beautifully and flawlessly! The feels with this story gave me tingles all over.

    K Webster is the Queen of Taboo, so I was beyond thrilled that she was co-writing another forbidden romance… and this one was perfect. I loved it! And I’m so glad my love for all things K Webster introduced me to another amazing author because I’ll definitely be stalking Ms. James from now on.

    All. The. Feels.

    This book was all that and so much more.

    Honestly, I didn’t even feel like I was reading a taboo/forbidden romance because Mars and Sage were just so perfect together… and how could a love that’s “wrong” be anything but so damn right? Their love for each other was pure and sweet, innocent and heartwarming, and their chemistry was passionate and deep. I absolutely adored both of their characters!

    Mars and Sage were both broken, lonely and trapped in a life they didn’t want to be in. They were both just going through the daily motions of life doing what they needed to do to get by… like Sage doing everything to please a controlling mother that didn’t care about her daughter’s happiness, and Mars working numerous jobs while going to college trying to get out of the life he was stuck in with his abusive and alcoholic father. Both were suffering because of the bullying from their horrible parents (with the exception of Sage’s dad).

    When Sage and Mars meet, not knowing of their shared DNA, it’s an instant attraction and as their relationship grew, so did their characters. They gave each other strength, bravery and courage to stand up for themselves and fight for what they wanted. They truly brought out the best qualities in each other.

    As devastating secrets are revealed, the purity of their love is tainted… but their hearts and souls have already binded together and turning off the love they have for each other is impossible.

    What started out as innocent, quickly turned into a forbidden yet beautiful love. These characters and their story gripped me from the very beginning. My heart broke for them and I wanted to scream and cry at how unfair their situation was.

    Incredibly written by K Webster and Danielle James, these authors took me on a beautiful and heartfelt journey of an unconventional love layered with emotions that I felt every step of the way and I loved every page of it.

    “Love for us was instantaneous. A supernova explosion the moment our eyes collided. The second our souls found each other, it’s like we locked into place. She is this and I am that. Together, we are everything in between.”

  19. cupcakesandbookshelves

    For those who crave the forbidden like me, Like Dragonflies is DEFINITELY for you. Captivating and unforgettable, this beautifully written story about love was unique, sweet and brave. AN ALL-TIME FAVOURITE FOR ME, I ABSOLUTELY ADORED IT. OMG. I can’t begin to thank Kristi and Danielle for writing and exploring subject matters that many never dare to, genres that I particularly love, and Eden Books for being the platform to share such wonder with us.
    4.5 STARS

  20. Jessica Davey

    Love is love. These author have proven that with the deep connection that Mars and Sage. I giggled at Sages shyness and loved how even through Mars has a bad upbringing, he was still outgoing and just an amazing hero. He had me swooning from the start and his dedication to Sage was inspiring.

    This story isn’t going to be fore everyone, and from the description you can guess why, but if you are opened minded and want to read a beautiful touching story about two characters who fall in love and push past the circumstances of their past then you will fall head over heels in love with this story. With star crossed lovers who defy the rules of life and drop the big F-off to what society deems is right and wrong, this story will keep you reading from start to finish. 5 awe inspiring stars #2OCCJD

  21. W. Floyd

    3.5 stars for this sweet taboo story
    and another .5 stars because I love K Webster’s books, the Queen of Taboo Romance and her creative kinky mind.

    I’ll be honest here… they had me at “two people who share the same father” in the blurb, because forbidden/unutterable love is a trope I adore. I’m happy to report that the authors delivered a good read .
    I liked this story. Beautiful flowery writing; likable, flawed characters; good heat index and enough uncertainty to keep me engaged.

    I’m not going to lie, this a is very sweet somewhat angsty taboo, medium erotic read. I anticipated, to be more shocked by this tale than I essentially winded out to be. Or , it’s very likely , I am more pragmatic , unorthodox and kinkier than I thought. Hell, one of mine top reads for 2018 was Hale and for 2017 was The Wild both by K Webster.

    My 3.5 stars rating is more due to the conflicting feelings ,I have towards 19 years old , collage student heroine Sage . Her naive , woodenhead , childish behavior and reactions, with her parents , specially her mom, to the point of being doormat, it felt off; like a caricature of poor little rich girl, it was perplexing to me. Add that to the few issues left unaddressed and unresolved with the mother , dad and the biological father.

    Ultimately, Like Dragonflies is a poetic ,sensitive romance love story about two lost souls searching for freedom , happiness and a HEA ending.

    Tags: #angst #emotional, #author-i-love, #instantlove, #MF, #NewAdult, #PossibleTriggersAdultSubjects #slowburn, #tandalone, #SweetTaboo

  22. cb

    K Webster and Danielle James have gotten together and written a book that is so wrong, lovely, loving, sexy, and just so right. It’s hard to walk the line that they did, and yet, they did, and the story is perfect, and all the emotions are just so awesome.

    Mars is trying so hard to get out of his dead-end town and wants to brush the dust of Duncan off his feet. He’s working 3 jobs and going to school, and he’s going to make something of himself. Then he meets Sage.

    Sage is a shy and quiet artist. She’s dealing with her mother who wants to turn her into a little clone, but that totally isn’t Sage. She works so hard at trying to break free, and then she meets Mars.

    I love their chemistry and how each of them fit something that strengthens the other one and makes them a better person. The love that Sage and Mars have is just something so spiritual and special and completely overwhelming, but in the very best way. I thought that they were so perfect together, no matter what forces were trying to pull them apart.

    I don’t know how these ladies managed to ham so much emotion into this book, but they did. It left me crying and elated all at the same time.

  23. SuttyKim (verified owner)

    What a beautiful story, written with heart! I’ve been in a bit of a book funk and this books brought me right out of it. I started it this morning and didn’t put it down till I’d finished! I love some taboo, but even if that’s making you not want to read it you really should try it, and you’ll see how good it is!
    Mars and Sage are made for each other – dreamy sigh!
    Cannot recommend this enough!

  24. Diana Covey

    “Sanity is a thing of the past.
    Insanity is my newest love.
    Logic and reason are for haters, not lovers.
    Lovers take the plunge into madness together, hand in hand.”

    I found this story to be sweet, a budding romance between two lost souls. Innocence wrapped in sin. The taboo aspect didn’t bother me at all, it was my lack of connection to the characters that has me on the fence about this one. I didn’t get enough, I felt the spark, a whirlwind of eagerness and wrongness, yet the story fell flat in transition. I was rooting for the pair. If I’m wrong, I don’t wanna be right. It’s fiction, I can read what I want. LOL!! You know what I loved? The thumping in my chest, the hands over my eyes, the peeking through my fingers feel. All I kept thinking is, well, they didn’t grow up together. Bahahaha! I think this story would be a great starter taboo read for beginners. It’s sinfully sweet at times and tantalizing taboo! I didn’t fall madly in love, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless.

  25. Sue’s Romance Reviews

    Like Dragonflies is a taboo love story about finding your soulmate and doing everything in your power to be with them.

    Considering the topic of this taboo story, I was shocked to find myself rooting for Mars and Sage. These authors have a way of writing that had me cheering and hoping these two would get their happily ever after.

    I was captivated. The writing pulled me in and held me in its thrall.

    I loved both characters: shy and resilient Sage as well as broody bad-boy Mars. They were two lonely souls looking for something better and they found it in each other.

    This was truly a page-turning story that I could not put down. I felt almost torn in two at times.

    I received an ARC of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

  26. Vicki Bennett

    This book is a classic poor little rich girl meets guy from the wrong side of the tracks romance with a taboo twist. Both of the leads are living in emotionally/verbally abusive homes and within minutes of meeting each other are completely enamored of one another. I love taboo stories and I’m okay with the rich girl/poor boy trope, though it is not my favorite, but relationship development is my favorite thing of all and while I enjoyed the little dates they had after their first meeting, I never really felt the intense connection to each other the book tells us they have. I’m not sure if that was why the taboo relationship you see coming didn’t have that much impact on me when it was revealed to them, or if I ultimately just didn’t feel it was all that taboo (my scale goes really far for taboo and I like the super taboo stuff the most). I think my enjoyment would have been bumped up a notch if they had more angsty, tortured encounters after their discovery. I did feel their yearning to get out of their untenable living situations – the way their parents talked to them is probably what impacted me emotionally the most in this book. And I really enjoyed Sage’s relationship with her father – he was a bright spot of support that was needed to lighten things up a little on the parent front. I’ve read and loved other books by both of these authors before, and will continue to read all of their work both separately and together, but this book was just a like for me, rather than a love.
    3-3.5 Stars
    I won an ARC copy of this book from the author and this is my honest review.

  27. Chantal Rodriguez

    This was such a cute story, so heartwarming! Yet I did not expect this story to be the way it was. its not so bad but if you ever read Hale or The Wild by Webster and loved it, then you’ll love this story. If those books weren’t for you, then this wont be either.

    This story is about LOVE and how strong it can be. it can fight against all odds. how powerful it can be. Mars and Sage is a forbidden taboo story. they both were off in the world. both always felt alone and both are from very different worlds. Yet when they first meet they cant help but fall head over heals for each other. they are light to each others dark world. I loved how they fought for each others love.

    I loved this story. I cant wait for these two authors to make more great stories like this one. forbidden love stories are my favorites. and these two made such a beautiful story that’s wrong be right!

  28. BookBabe (verified owner)

    I absolutely without a doubt loved this story penned by one of my favorite authors K Webster, and new to me author Danielle James. It is a forbidden, taboo romance that may not be for everyone, but I found it was written tastefully, and beautifully. It was difficult not to fall in love with Sage and Mars.

    Sage is drowning. Her soul is being crushed by the one person that should love her for who she is, but doesn’t. Mars has messed up his life, but he’s determined to do better. To make something of himself, and not be loser his father thinks he is.

    Sage is the good girl, and has everything. Mars is the bad boy, and has nothing. But the two couldn’t be more alike. The moment their paths collide, there’s an instant pull. They complete each other. They have each others backs no matter what, until the unthinkable happens.

    But their story doesn’t end there. It ignites. Their love is bigger than anything thrown their way.

    Love knows no bounds and Like Dragonflies definitely solidifies that point. You can’t help but root for Sage and Mars and their happily-ever-after.

    So if you have an open-mind, definitely 1-click this story and devour it like I did.

  29. CDreader8

    Like Dragonflies was an exquisite story about two individuals who find each other, make a connection, and fall in love. Sage is a good girl with loving parents and comes from money. Mars is the opposite, he’s poor and his father is an abusive alcoholic. The one shining star in his life is Sage. She gives him life, hope and most importantly unconditional love. When a secret is revealed that threatens their blossoming romance, will this make or break these two? I thought this book was beautiful, heart wrenching , taboo, and endearing. K Webster and Danielle James gave us a stunning story about a forbidden romance that manages to make your heart ache and soar at the same time. Simply breathtaking.

  30. Jackie Ashmead (verified owner)

    This book was HOTTT!!! I absolutely loved Sage’s and Mars’s Story!! The twists and turns and suprises keep me on the edge of my seat and literally couldn’t put the book down till I was finished!!! It was an amazing forbidden taboo similar to K. Websters Hale, and I absolutely LOVED it!! If your into forbidden romances and taboo this book is DEFINETLY for YOU!!!

  31. Reezynhaa

    Like Dragonflies is an incredibly beautiful and fascinating story, the story covers themes that for a long time can be said to be forbidden or wrong.
    More to me is right, when it comes to love.
    The characters in this story are so passionate that it’s hard for you not to want to hug them and take them with you.

    Sage is a shy and sad young girl who lives on the shade of the mother, of few friends herself uses her painting as an escape valve and to feel free. More life changes when she meets …

    Mars is a young boy who has lived a poor and abusive life that has sucked sucking his life to crime, but after his last experiment he decided to fight for a new future, but what he really did not expect was to know her …

    Sage and Mars amidst so much cause in which they live have learned to be free together even though they both come from worlds apart.More what they did not expect was what seemed right ended up being wrong, and how could they accept the new circumstances !?

    I loved this historia.Como love all taboos written by K.Webster, plus the eredo written by these two incredible authors was sensational. The love story between Sage and Mars could not be wrong.

  32. dmarie2980

    Being from completely different worlds doesn’t matter to Sage & Mars. When they meet the sparks are instant. The pull between them is undeniable and you find yourself routing for them right away.

    Sage is under her overbearing mothers watchful thumb and she is absolutely miserable. All she want to do is lock herself up with her art.

    Mars is under his abusive alcoholic father’s control, needing him to just get him far enough in life that he can run. All he wants to do is be free to show the world his art.

    It didn’t take long before they realized besides their art, they need each other just as much. So when Sage’s witch of a mother throws the biggest wrench of all in their plans they have to fight to find a way.

    As always, I enjoyed K. Webster’s writing. Even with the taboo storyline I am pulled in and enjoy each chapter. Danielle James is new for me, but she did good teaming up with this one for yet another good read!!

  33. Tammy Callahan (verified owner)

    I love K. Webster and I love Danielle James – put them together and you get taken on one hell of a ride. Steamy? Check. Drama? Check. Taboo? Check. Did I mention taboo? So heed that last line of the description before you head down that rabbit hole.

    Sage and Mars…a love that could not be denied, nor would it be. I loved how Sage grew into her own as the book progressed, and Mars was everything we desire in a young hero. Her from the rich side of town and hating every second of it and Mars from the trailer park and wanting to do anything to get out of it and away from his past. They met and it was kismet – there was no denying the attraction or how their souls called out to the other.

    As far as the side characters go…her mom – his dad – hated them both sooo much. Her dad though – loved him for his support of Sage and his understanding. Although they all played a pretty big role in the book, it never took away from the story of Sage and Mars.

    At the end of the day – love finds you – doesn’t matter who you are. I hope to see more collaborations from these two!

  34. Amanda Katherine

    Where to start when describing this that isn’t already been said… Taboo? Check! Forbidden? Check! An eye opening roller coaster of emotions? Maybe… A topic only discussed behind closed doors and flipping it on it’s head? Yes!

    Yes, this isn’t for those with closed minds. This is for those who like to color outside the lines, to push the boundaries and let their mind wander and question all the norms. If that’s you, you HAVE to read Like Dragonflies.

    When I started this, my heart ached for two lost spirits floating in a harsh world, wondering where it would really push me, and then THAT moment happened… when you read it you’ll know what I’m talking about… and my mind RAGED at the injustice of it. Literally, I “phoned a friend” (more like messaged/PM’d) and all but begged her to ruin it for me cause I wasn’t sure I could read fast enough to appease the needs it awoke in me.

    Sage and Mars are wise beyond their years, all but suffocating within the walls of their realities. Between families with unrealistic standards and expectations, to the dark depths of addiction, each of them struggle to find that calm within their beings. Only to find it each other… and no matter what, when that is found, no one will want to give it up, regardless of the consequences.

    If you’ve ever read K Webster, you know she likes to push the limits and this was no different. She and Danielle created a world you can’t help but become a part of. I’m sure I sound like a broken record but again… pushing the boundaries in our minds. I couldn’t get enough, and will be “visiting” these characters again.

  35. Jazmyne

    Ooooh goodness. This book was what I expected, and … not. I knew what I was getting into (mostly), but once the story began it definitely went in a direction that I didn’t imagine.

    The story begins like any romance: Boy meets girl. Following that, ensues one of the most adorable coming of age/falling in love stories. The problem is, these two don’t know enough about one another, or their families, to know that they could possibly be in danger of making a decision that would affect their lives negatively forever. Once they found out … they tried to follow their parents decision and tried to do the “right” thing, but … their love wasn’t something they could control.

    Although there were some things that made me uncomfortable in the story, it was real. Who knows where or how you’ll find and experience love? To say I agree with it is a longshot, but I can absolutely understand finding yourself in the same situation. Then, to be faced with a love so strong being hated by everyone around you, probably even yourself (trying to come to terms with it) would be a nightmare.

    Overall, this was a great story. It might be too much for some people, but it’s not something crazy or dramatic — it’s raw and real.

  36. nerard07

    A beautiful forbidden love story such as this could only be written by K Webster, and then to add Danielle James is even better. Mars and Sage are a beautiful couple who finally find the piece of themselves that has always been missing. But will secrets from the past force them apart, or make them give the world the finger and fight for what they have? A great take of two souls bound in ways they can’t break.

  37. Denise Reyes


    Extremely, delicious taboo goodness.
    Explosive chemistry.
    Lovable, sweet, heroine.
    Damaged, deep-minded hero.
    A heart-wrenching forbidden love between two half siblings.
    A love story of a lifetime.

    “She’s soaring through the darkness and I’ve grabbed hold. I don’t want to let go. I like the feelings she evokes from me. An invisible tug unlike anything I’ve ever encountered before.”

    It’s no secret that I love and devour everything that both K Webster and Danielle James writes, so when I found out that they we’re co-writing together… I FREAKED OUT IN EXCITEMENT.

    It was level 100!

    The Queens of taboo and they wrote such a hauntingly beautiful story between Sage and Mars.

    The subject is HIGHLY/EXTREMELY taboo and it’s definitely not for everyone. But honestly, I couldn’t even tell because the chemistry and connection between our hero and heroine is so raw, so genuine, so real.


    Mars McKinney is the perfect damaged, smooth, sexy, and sweet hero. I fell in love with his words and my heart skipped beats every time he thought of Sage. He was so poetic and found his perfect match in Sage Emerson. She was so understanding, incredibly sweet and had a huge heart.

    Even with their tough home lives, they found peace with one another, light, love, and friendship.

    ““We’re not pathetic,” she says primly. “We’re tough to put up with their shit.” Survivors. They like to control us and keep our heads pushed under water, but we keep popping up for air. Survivors.””

    Their love for art, their similar interests in everything… it made my heart flutter faster and explode in their happiness, their solace, and their love! So tender, so sweet, so patient, and so understanding.

    “She smells like ramen and forbidden love. She feels like something I’m not allowed to touch, but I touch anyway. She tastes like sin and freedom wrapped in a wicked package. She sounds like a songs only we knew the words to.”

    I’m so addicted, obsessed, and head over heels over Mars and Sage. THIS book, THIS relationship, THIS love… it’s EVERYTHING!

    It’s a love that’s worth fighting for. A love worth despite what everyone thinks. A love of a lifetime.

    “Love for us was instantaneous. A supernova explosion the moment our eyes collided. The second our souls found each other, it’s like we locked into place. She is this and I am that. Together, we are everything in between.”


    Don’t dwell too hard on the taboo aspect. I really enjoy how much it focused on the connection between these two even when shit hit the fan!!

    Five dragonfly and dreamy stars:

  38. Renee Henson

    I received a copy of this book from the publisher/author to review for Stephanie’s Book Reports.

    I’m the good girl from Ashton Hills. Rich. Pampered. Spoiled. Slowly suffocating under my mother’s stifling thumb. He’s the bad boy from Duncan. Poor. Abused. Criminal. Being swallowed by the darkness each passing second. Two lost souls searching for freedom and happiness. We’re lonely-broken-and trapped. Until the universe brings us together. Sometimes love is instantaneous. A supernova collision of emotions. Something that cannot be ignored. As our hearts tangle to the point they’ll never be able to part, the past comes creeping up like an evil villain. THe mistakes of our parents become our consequences to face. We’re madly, deeply, foolishly in love. Soul mates who finally found each other. Two people who share the same father.

    This is a taboo novel so if taboo things disturb you to the point of no return then you do not want to read it. Me, I was hooked from the first chapter. Mars has not had a great jump start in live. A dead mother from a overdose that his dad blames on him. He’s been to prison and now he has to stay out of trouble which comes in the form of going to college, and working two jobs. However his father is a real peace of work and abusive but Mars has not choice but to take it too keep the roof over his head till he is out of college and can leave the crap city of Duncan he was born in. It is the wrong side of the tracks. Sage is from Ashton Hills or the rich town just up the road from Duncan. She has the exact opposite problem of Mars. Her mom is a controlling social butterfly who insist that Sage sit up straight and go to charity events that do not interest her in the least. Sage loves her art. She loves to paint and art is her life. So, when she meets the boy who is the new barista at her favorite coffee shop and he puts a dragonfly on the top of her cup she is interested in Mars and there is not stopping them. I am not going to say anything further or give anything else away about this book Just that I really enjoyed reading it and K Webster and Danielle James have written a taboo book that I loved and their writing was flawless. You couldn’t tell that two different author’s were writing this book at all. If you love a good taboo book then you do not want to miss Like Dragonflies.

  39. Heather Mulvihill (verified owner)

    We meet Sage, who’s a shy young painter who is attending a charity event her Mom is throwing to support building a school for kids in Ethiopia. Sage arrives at the event, walks the red carpet when Dad sees her trying to sneak out. Her dad makes her a deal that if she finishes her partially finished painting tonight, he’ll cover for her. She gets a ride home in the car her mom rented but made a pit stop at her favorite coffee shop, The Ground Spot to get her favorite latte from her favorite barista, Martina. She goes home to get comfy to paint her partially finished painting.

    Mars meets Sage as he is the new barista at The Grind House. Mars’s home life isn’t great. His mom died from a drug overdose while his father is an alcoholic. I absolutely loved all the characters especially Mars, Sage, Charles and Aunt Darcy. I need more of Mars and Sage.

  40. bookandablanket

    Mars and Sage have a forbidden love story but even more than that they have a beautiful, emotional story that I enjoyed so much! 

    This is the tale of the rich girl and the trailer park boy falling in love. Sage is a bit awkward, lonely and feels misunderstood. Her relationship with her mother is toxic and she never seems to measure up to her mother’s expectations. Mars is the new barista at her college coffee shop, and when he asks her on a date, she is a bit surprised. Sage has some insecurity struggles, no doubt because of her mother. Mars makes her feel special though. He just gets her in a way no else can. They are both artists and they forge a special relationship of love and trust.

    Of course we know what happens from the blurb. Secrets come out, these two find out they are half siblings and it’s just absolutely devastating. My heart hurt for them. They were so in love and it all seemed so unfair. Mars knows he needs to stay away because let’s face it. Attraction is attraction and he knows it’s wrong to be with Sage. They are both so broken without each other though and convince themselves they can be just friends.

    Maybe friends don’t hold hands like this. But we’re Mars and Sage. More than friends. Less than lovers. The something in between.

    Welp! I’ll let you figure out what happens next. I promise there is a HEA. This is a forbidden, unconventional love story with chracters who will not disgust you. Rather you will share their passion, feel their pain and revel in their love.

    4 Stars
    Contemporary Forbidden Romance
    POV: Dual
    Heat Level: Hot

  41. Kim Nadelson

    •⭐´¨) ¸.•⭐’¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•`
    ❤~~❤ 5 SINFULLY TABOO STARS! ❤~~❤

    “She tastes like heaven and hell. She tastes like all the stars in the sky. She tastes like mine.”

    Do you crave a SWEET, SCANDALOUSLY SEXY TALE featuring two young, star-crossed lovers who would move heaven and earth to be together? Then LIKE DRAGONFLIES is guaranteed to leave you rapturous!!!!!

    I have been an avid admirer of K. Webster’s red-hot romances for quite a while—every book she pens is a freaking masterpiece—but this is my first read by Danielle James. And holy wow what a SENSATIONAL CO-WRITING pair up it was! Told in dual POV, the narrative is engaging, emotionally charged and flawlessly written, the dialogue sparkles and shines, and the romance-driven story arcs are beyond spectacular! Another thing that truly impressed me was that the authors’ writing styles blended so seamlessly together that it was impossible to distinguish one voice from the other.

    I don’t want to divulge too much of the TANTALIZINGLY TWISTY plot beyond what the blurb says, but in a nutshell the authors put a shockingly taboo spin on the classic rich, virginal good girl/gorgeously broody rebel from the wrong sides of the tracks trope! Sage Emerson and Mars McKinney are two lost broken souls who are victims of their tumultuous upbringings, but even though they come from drastically different social classes, when their paths collide, it’s kismet!!!

    “I caught a shooting star.”

    These two “dragonflies” bring light and joy, hope and acceptance into each other’s woefully bereft worlds, and together they find a love beyond their wildest dreams. Until a devastating buried secret comes to light, shattering their pure-hearted young love and threatening to tear them apart forever!

    Sigh. The feels this forbidden love story stirred in me were HELLA INTENSE! I am talking the heart throbbing, tummy tumbling, pulse quickening variety. Equal parts BREATHTAKINGLY TENDER INSTA-LOVE and TORTUROUS SLOW BURN, I devoured this uber angsty page turner from start to finish! Mars and Sage just have the kind of sweet, smoldering chemistry that gives you giddy butterflies, and despite how utterly taboo their union is, you can’t help but fall head over heels for this hopelessly smitten duo who love each other fiercely…with every beat of their hearts!

    And I loved these incredibly endearing characters with every beat of MINE!

    I just RELISHED how Sage and Mars’ restless spirits recognized one another from the start—they are both artists, hopeless dreamers, whose hearts and souls are inexorably intertwined. And even when their entire world crashes down around them, their bond is eternal. Their passion…a SHEER FORCE OF NATURE. Is their union morally wrong? That’s not for ME to judge, but in my heart, I know that the H&h are truly DESTINED for each other.

    “Together, we hover above the nothingness of the world. Like dragonflies.”

    In closing? I truly loved every single sweet, sexy, sigh-inducing moment of LIKE DRAGONFLIES. There is heartwrenching discord and sizzling sparks throughout, the flamboyant cast of secondary characters added delicious melodrama into the mix, and the spellbinding HEA left me in a state of starry eyed bliss!


  42. Daesha Marie (verified owner)

    I am a HUGE K Webster fan but new to Danielle James. This book did not disappoint. I love the taboo, I loved the connection between the characters, and how they believed so heavily in each other. It was like a star crossed lovers type of feel. I felt the story flowed well and we definitely got the HEA! If you enjoyed the taboo, you will love more K Webster books. I think this is one of her more tender stories though so beware lol.

  43. Amy March

    I absolutely loved this story. I know that this trope might not be for everyone, this love story is of the utmost forbidden variety. It doesn’t make Mars and Sage’s love any less beautiful or extraordinary that some people will think it’s wrong. They were truly meant for one another and I can’t help but root for them in every single way possible.

    “Love for us was instantaneous. A supernova explosion the moment our eyes collided. The second our souls found each other, it’s like we locked into place. She is this and I am that. Together, we are everything in between.”

    Y’all, aside from being super taboo and smoldering HOT during the intimate scenes… this story is nothing short of poetic. These two love with every fiber of their beings, they quite honestly complete and heal one another and it was one of the more touching and sappy stories that I’ve ever loved on. This isn’t a raunchy story, it’s a love sonnet.

    These authors clearly work wonderfully together, I am always up for anything that K Webster offers up but I had never read Danielle’s books before. Instant fan. It’s easy to tell which aspects each author brought to the table despite the easygoing and fluid storyline. There is more romance and soft moments in this story, but there’s still bucketloads of drama, passion, chaos and of course forbidden romance.

    For me, this one is a definite must read. Five glowing stars and my loving stamp of approval for this sweet story.

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