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Could four words alter the course of your life? 

In the dead of night, I receive a phone call that deals a devastating blow and derails my plans. 

In a heartbeat, my dreams disintegrate. Lost and broken, I abandon my aspirations and cling to the stability offered by my boyfriend’s proposal.

Three years later, I’m floundering in my marriage and filled with regrets I never expected. Vowing to fix my present reality, I develop a plan to reignite the passion that has been smothered by husband’s career and ambition. 

But life doesn’t always go according to plan. Just as hope for my marriage returns, I’m blindsided by four words that brutally remind me life can change in a…heartbeat.


If you love emotional reads, a read that’ll grab your attention from the beginning and hold it till the end.. I highly recommend giving this author’s books a chance. I was not disappointed! – The Sassy Nerd Girl Blog

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October 2019

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Ali’s romance debut, Fractured Promises, has been rattling around in her brain, along with a plethora of other stories and colorful characters, for a number of years. Ali lives in Northern Illinois with her husband and three children who crave activity and adventure enough to keep her behind the wheel of her van more often than not. If frequent driving miles were a thing, she would have logged a trip to the moon by now! When not writing, Ali can be found shuttling children to and from school, trying to figure out the formula for a perfect Instagram feed or buried face first in an angsty romance novel. Ali loves to hear from readers. Connect with her through social media or her website.