Healing Saint


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My heart on lockdown, my plan set, I wait.

Five years ago, I was set up by the woman I loved. Five years, I’ve spent locked in a cage waiting for the moment to get my revenge. Now, I’m free and ready to take my pound of flesh.

Then one day Rebel steps inside the cell I’m still trapped in and derails everything. She’s fire and fury and—beautiful. All my carefully laid plans—my vengeance—gone somewhere between the moment our eyes meet and the moment she says hello.


My trust shattered, my heart broken, I enter.

Five years ago, I was in a wreck that tore my body to pieces. Five years, I’ve inked my skin, hiding the scars that tell the brutal story of a night I barely walked away from.

When I step inside the beautiful cell Saint’s trapped himself in, everything changes. He’s a beast in a cage—predatory, beautiful, and dangerous in a way that makes me want to run.

Truths from the past emerge alongside old enemies. We must question everything—including each other. Can our newfound love survive, or will it crumble beneath the weight of the past and the scars that threaten to break us?


“Saint is an emotional and intense story that will have your heart bouncing all over the place as you hungrily flip through the pages craving more. Mystery, suspense, drama and romance.

The last few chapters ripped my heart out.

I highly recommend the Skullz Ink Series!!” —Romaine, Beyond The Covers Blog

“This book was my favorite so far . Was not expecting the twist and turns or the … cough cough “happy times””………” Goodreads Reviewer

“Healing Saint is my fave so far in the Skullz Ink Series. The chemistry between Rebel and Saint is off the charts. I could feel their connection both physical and emotional. I really enjoyed every part of the book. The intensity, the heartbreak, angst, the love and oh the sex scenes. It was hot. Healing Saint kept me in all sorts of feels. I felt so much for both the h/H. Both with troubled past, Rebel fell hard instantly and Saint was fighting all his feelings which made me angry. There was the right amount of action which I enjoyed as it kept you wondering who was out to sabotage them.” —Dee, it.sgottabethebooks

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January 9, 2019


Lynne Leslie

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128, 687

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