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DEAD. DEAD. ALLLLL. THE. DEADS. OHMYGAWDDDD. This is the most taboo book I’ve ever read. My first KWeb read and I. COULDN’T. STOP. IT IS VERY RARE for me to spend the day MOSTLY off social media just to read. And that’s what I did today. Well, freak. My heart squeezed so hard in my chest. My mind was all over the place while reading this story. I got turned on. A LOT. A LOT turned on. But man my emotions. My love for Hudson and Rylie is HUGE. I didn’t want this story to end. OMFG. I’M DEAD OVER THIS LOVE STORY. Freaking. DEAD!!!! I really do not know what else to say. Serena, Reviewer

This is a really great love story. The way K. Webster weaves this intense and forbidden tale had me feeling all sorts of ways. I like the way she TELLS stories and I especially like how she brings them to LIFE. Basically, it’s a fantastic book with an unsettling cast of characters, but overall likable. Elle’s Book Blog, Reviewer

Poignant and unconventional, this book comes with a warning for a reason. Which means this book is for those who buy books because they have a warning …. like me. This book is not for everyone but for me, Hale completely blew me away. It was beautifully written and deeply moving, a romance you can believe in and root for. Absolutely breathtaking! Cupcakes and bookshelves, Reviewer

Wow! I mean… Just wow. Amazing. K Webster has done it again and has just left me stunned. Every single time I think that she can’t top herself, she writes something new and damn, she freaking topped herself. Badh, Reviewer

This freaking book. I’ve never said this before, but it deserves a million freaking stars. Damn. C.L Matthews, Reviewer

It has been a long time since a book made me feel ALL THE FEELS like Hale did. I literally read it in one day which is super crazy for me because I’m a notoriously slow reader… But I. Could. Not. Put. This. Down!!! Ella S, Reviewer

HALE is, without a doubt, THE MOST taboo book I have ever read. It is raw, unconventional, emotional and, in its own way, downright beautiful. When it comes to this kind of storyline, K Webster is QUEEN!!!!! Nikkigracereads, Reviewer


He’s my everything.
I would die without him.

Because he infects me.
My brother.
He’s inside my mind.
My thoughts are black and bruised.
Twisted and wrong.
A secret that eats me alive, but one I’ll take to my grave.

And then it happens.
He sees inside me.
Understands the darkness.
Loves what he finds.

I’m contagious.

It’s true.
Now, he’s sick too.

This book is an epic, emotional, raw love story…
between a brother and sister.
Many won’t be able to handle that.
But if I don’t tell their story, who else will?

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5 reviews for Hale

  1. Yericka

    “Nobody has to know”

    Hate me, unfriend me, bash me… honestly I don’t care… THIS STORY WAS FUCKING EPIC!

    When I first read the blurb I was hesitant, I didn’t know if it was for me. If I could honestly get through it okay. The story IS sick. It’s taboo as fuck. But, here I am, I read it and I loved it What. The. Fuck. Is. Wrong. With me? I don’t know but, to hell with it, JUDGE ME I DON’T CARE!

    The characters, Hudson and Riley they tore my heart out of my chest, they made me love them even though their love is deplorable and sick. The emotions, my goodness. K. Webster is a true storyteller.

    This is not a story for many, this is a story that will set wagging tongues on fire and will have you in your church on Sunday praying to your deity for goodness knows what.

    I am sitting here mistified or is it stupified? at how wrong this story is and how much I loved it. I couldn’t quit reading it, at times I wanted to my real life moral begged me to. But, this is one hell of a story and once this baby got its hooks in me there was no letting go, not until I read, lived and experienced their story.

  2. Saskia van Reenen

    The queen of taboo has done it again. I enjoy reading about subject that a lot of other author may avoid. It is always a surprise how K. Webster will bring the story and if she has any surprises in store for her readers.

    It was a very good read and I loved how K. Webster’s portrayed the main characters and the feelings, emotions and struggles they had. Not just with their parents death, but also their feelings for each other.

    It made sense.

  3. Jessi Gage (verified owner)

    Okay, WOW.

    This book floored me. The emotion is so genuine and raw. Webster’s handling of depression, of loss, of mental health…it’s so deep and attentive. It’s loving to those who experience those issues. The subject matter is taboo, deliciously so. I will be reading this one again and again.

  4. Jessica Wilson

    I was a little hesitant going into this book, but I am glad I didn’t let the subject matter stop me from reading it. When I finished this story I close my kindle and just sit in awe for a minute, it was just that good. Everything I have read from this author has left me with a lasting effect and this story was no different.

  5. Jessi Gage (verified owner)

    Wow. Wow!

    This book was so raw and emotional. So powerfully written. So TABOO!

    This was exactly what I was looking for when I browsed the taboo shelf. If you’re looking for a happy-ending for a doomed relationship between a brother and a sister, GET THIS! It’s so good! So sexy! So wrong, and OH SO RIGHT!

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