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Gods in Bed


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Three erotic short stories from my well-spent youth!

Fortuna, Goddess of Luck: Have you ever gotten so lucky at a casino that you just had to have the man you were with, just in case he was your lucky charm?

The Buddha in the Bed:  A semi-disastrous Christmas party leads to a liaison with an unassuming co-worker, one who is a master of martial, and marital, arts!

Dionysus Does It Right:  When science and marketing meet, even the most brilliant men can trip over their tongues attempting heroic deeds in the bedroom!

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Audio, EPUB (for NON-KINDLE users), MOBI (FOR KINDLE USERS), Paperback



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February 2014

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Eva Caye can build a rocket stove, tat lace, shoot a gun, design permaculture garden plans, and teach critical thinking.  She lives with her husband in Louisville, Kentucky.