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Given: Nectar for the Gods Book 3

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Their human is hiding a dangerous secret.

As supply of nectar on Anteros is threatened, the atrocities and greed escalate.

Emmie, held in the castle, has a future that looks very…short. Until a violent encounter in a dark cell changes everything. Now she has a life-threatening secret to protect—no matter the cost.

Brothers Dev and Garet are trying to cope with the death of their mate. They’ve been ordered to return to duty, but can’t afford to trust anyone else with the care of their three children. They have their own secrets to guard.

When Emmie is thrust into their lives and then sneaks into their hearts, is she the solution to their problems, or a dangerous risk to their family? No matter how many times she promises obedience, her new masters know she’s hiding something.

And as human women all around them continue to suffer, will Emmie’s secret be the answer to their cries of despair?

You will laugh, cry, and love this final chapter of the Nectar for the Gods trilogy, with strict smoking-hot dominant aliens, suspense, and a fight for human survival.

This can be a standalone book, but it’s best read in this order: Claimed (short story), Owned, Saved, and Gifted.
Contains menage, an M/s theme, explicit consensual sex, corporal punishment, and two non-erotic rape scenes.

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May 15, 2019



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Sophie Kisker

4 reviews for Given: Nectar for the Gods Book 3

  1. Saskia van Reenen

    The last book in the Nectar of the Gods book.

    This book contains dark elements, so it might not be for everyone, but if you love reading about new worlds and don’t mind a bit of dark, then this is the book for you.

    What I loved about this book is the richness of the worldbuilding and I really loved the house. I wish I had a self cleaning and does the shopping for me house.

    In this story we follow Emmie who is being dropped at Dev and Garet’s house. Emmie hasn’t know any kindness since being trapped on Anteros and Dev and Garet are still dealing with the grief of losing their mate. And then there are secrets. Not just Emmie is holding one, but Dev and Garte have secrets to. there are lots of emotions in this book. sadness, grief, love and hope.

    All the while the situation on Anteros is getting to a boiling point. Will humans ever be free and safe? You have to read to find out.

  2. Raisa Greywood

    Sophie has done it again. This whole series is compelling, and she hits a home run with Given. You NEED to read this book, and all the Nectar books.

  3. Gabriela Wolek

    With this, sadly, last of the stories from Anteros, Ms Kisker has ramped up the horror, the pain and hopelessness of the Earth women forced into slavery on this planet. But she also makes it very clear that there is honor, love and devotion among Anterrin males.
    The way she weaves together pain and ecstasy becomes a tangible reality. Some parts of this book brought me to tears of rage, others of joy.
    As in all her books of this series the author again delivers a satisfying HEA and one, more than satisfying, “demise”!
    All the people we met from the first book on are included in the final festivities, celebrating not just their personal happiness but also sweeping changes on Anteros.
    I will miss reading about this version of Earth.

  4. cb

    This is the last book in the Nectar of the Gods series, and it kind of makes me mad and sad that it is, mostly because I so love this world and these books and I want more stories. OTOH, I can also be happy that this was a good place to end it and a good way to end it, so that is very satisfying. Is there a way to be happy, satisfied, mad, and sad? If so, that’s what I am.

    I think that Emmie is a strong and incredible character. She has withstood so much pain, terror, and heartbreak, but she still manages to be a caring, loving person who has so much to give. I think that she proves so much to herself, let alone to Dev and Garet.

    Dev and Garet are so broken on their own, trying to get figure out how to get through, but are just floundering. It’s hard for them to figure out what they need to do and how to do it. They never expected anything like Emmie, but she was definitely exactly what they needed. And they were what she needed.

    I think that this book was everything. The overall story of the series kept me engrossed, and I definitely wanted to know what was coming next. And this was really the perfect end to it.

    I think I have to go reread the entire series all at once.

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For years I wrote and hid capture fantasies and stories of unequal power exchange in the computer, convinced that no one would be interested in the twisted musings of my mind.  When the internet finally showed me that there were others who shared the same dark desires I’d hidden, I decided to come out of the closet.

My men are strong, even when love makes them tender. My women are fierce and independent and will not surrender until they are respected. My stories are about negotiating the often-dark dance of dominance and submission between the two. In the end, though, he always claims her heart.

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