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Rod Mandelli writes gay stories featuring hot man to man sex!

Four Naughty Gay Fairy Tales


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“Once upon a time…” has never been quite this gay and fun! These all gay versions of four popular fairy tales include:

The Prince & The Penis Pill – When a sexy stranger arrives at the castle, the “queen” devises a unique test to determine if his claims of being a real gay prince are true.

Has Prince Andrew finally found another true gay prince with whom to share his kingdom (and his muscular body) in the Enchanted Forest?

The Naked Emperor’s New Clothes – Two horny gay con artists plot to literally charm the pants off the Emperor and trick him into giving them what they really want – access to his private parts and all the naked male bodies they can get their hands on, starting with the hulking muscular guard at the palace gate.

Jack & His Beanstalk – Jack and his roommate Ben devise a business plan that gives Jack’s “beanstalk” a good workout. Then, Jack is in for a big surprise when he trades his sexual services with a strange man in the woods in exchange for five magic beans.  Later, when slim Jack goes begging for something to eat at the castle in the clouds, he has two choices – get eaten by the giant or eaten out (and more) by the giant’s husband!

Joe White & The Seven Dudes – “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the hottest and the queerest of them all?” Sexy and muscular Joe White barely survives a jealous wizard’s wrath by trading his sexual talents for his life.  Later, it’s up to the seven dudes to work Joe over (as a team) in order to break a terrible curse.

These gay versions turn the classic stories into true “fairy tales!”

Editor’s Note:  These four naughty gay fairy tales DO NOT CONTAIN the explicit gay sex scenes found in Rod Mandelli’s raunchier versions of these same stories.  If you would prefer the versions with graphic gay sex descriptions, please look for the title Gay Sex Fairy Tales Erotica Bundle.

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Rod Mandelli writes gay stories featuring hot man to man sex!