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Rod Mandelli writes gay stories featuring hot man to man sex!

Five Shades of Gay


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Military dudes in camo, barefoot jocks, closeted Washington politicians, horny Wall Street businessmen, and tough cops get down and dirty in this gay anthology collection from Gayrotica Press.

These five stories previously published individually are included in this bundle:

Military Gay Sex #1: G.I. Jack – Sir, yes, Sir! Alone in the deserted barracks, a tough and imposing Drill Instructor demands boot and foot worship from an eager recruit. The DI then teaches the recruit that the proper way to perform a military push-up involves a removed uniform and a willing mouth (among other body parts).

Gay Political Sex Scandals #1: Senator Brick Scrotorum & His College Buddy – A publicly anti-gay senator does his college buddy late one night in the office, unaware that his political science intern, Pete, is spying on them.

Gay Foot Worship #1: The Agony of De Feet – Gay college senior Warren has been lusting after his soccer-playing straight best friend’s feet for three years. When the hot jock limps in after practice one day, Warren offers to examine the alpha male’s tantalizing feet. Will Warren’s foot worship fetish fantasy of submissively sniffing, licking, and kissing the dominant athlete’s sweaty and dirty size thirteen bare feet finally come true?

Gay Sex Confessions #5: How To Get Out of a Speeding Ticket – As straight guy Jerry rushes home late to meet his girlfriend, he gets pulled over on a deserted road by rough and tough Officer Harmon. The hunky policeman offers Jerry a dirty way to avoid the ticket and subsequent increase in his insurance.  Will Jerry give in to the police officer’s sexual suggestions and let the hot cop have his way with him in exchange for getting out of the speeding ticket?

A Modern Gay Sex Christmas Carol #1: The Silver Haired Boss & The Sexy Employee – Despite the temperature dropping outside, a miserly businessman refuses to let Bob, his underpaid and under-appreciated employee, turn up the heat in the drafty office. The old cheapskate points out that there are other ways for Bob to keep warm and keep his job at the same time.  Can Bob refuse his boss’s kinky sexual advances considering he has an unemployed husband at home as well as the out of work college dropout they’ve recently taken in nick-named Tiny Twink?

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May 2014


Gayrotica Press

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Rod Mandelli writes gay stories featuring hot man to man sex!