Tara Mills

Friends and Lovers


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Two couples on a dangerous collision course.

Lauren McKay and Wes Dunlop saw their moment slip away when he left for college. Now, fifteen years later, Detective Dunlop just walked into the domestic violence shelter Lauren runs and the sparks fly, reminding her why she never got over him.

Sylvia Coulter knows if she could go back and give her younger self some hard-earned advice, it’s unlikely she’d get through to the misty-eyed romantic. She’d tell her there’ll come a day when she’ll fear her husband. Sadly, innocence truly was bliss––bliss with an expiration date.

Just as Lauren and Wes begin to imagine a future together, the Coulter’s marriage implodes. Sylvia flees her dangerous husband, unwittingly leading trouble to the shelter. Confronted by the violence first-hand, a terrorized Lauren begins to wonder, is this where her newfound happiness is doomed to end too?



ISBN: 1987783476

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April 12, 2018


Sherman Hills Press

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