Fractured Promises


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“Shaw Graham.”


Fate can’t be this cruel.

A name I despise falls from lips I will never forget.

His smooth voice sets me on fire as it leaves the mouth

that once caressed every inch of my skin.

I’d erased his smile, his smell, his touch, but I’d failed to eradicate his memory.

His shocked gaze meets mine as our eyes share years of unspoken words.

Our past has collided with the present.

Youth has fallen away and left us strangers.

My mind begs me to leave, but my heart needs the truth.

Why did he promise me a future and leave me with nothing?


This is a STANDALONE Contemporary Romance. Recommended for readers 18+


“I cried, I laughed and I felt every emotion the characters were feeling. The love, the anger, the hurt. Truly such an amazing read that I will tell everyone about it.” Mariah Thompson, Goodreads review

Fractured Promises, Ali Pierce’s debut novel, is the real deal. Blending the perfect amount of angsty romance with realistic and relatable characters, Ali has given us everything a romance reader could hope for.” Karen Gill, Goodreads review


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Ali Pierce LLC

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March 15, 2019

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Ali’s romance debut, Fractured Promises, has been rattling around in her brain, along with a plethora of other stories and colorful characters, for a number of years. Ali lives in Northern Illinois with her husband and three children who crave activity and adventure enough to keep her behind the wheel of her van more often than not. If frequent driving miles were a thing, she would have logged a trip to the moon by now! When not writing, Ali can be found shuttling children to and from school, trying to figure out the formula for a perfect Instagram feed or buried face first in an angsty romance novel. Ali loves to hear from readers. Connect with her through social media or her website.