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Forgiving River


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Loxley Erin Parrish

Three years ago, I was left for dead at the bottom of the stairs by the monster that haunts my nightmares. I lost everything that day. My life. My sanity. My daughter.
After waking to find the same monster had killed my best friend, I ran because I was next. The two men who saved me from the darkness brought me to the one who would change my life.

River James DeLuca

I’ve learned wealth doesn’t stop monsters. Twice I’ve seen my family kill and now, I’m fighting to make up for the part I played in that tragedy. It’s an everyday battle and the woman I want more than anything never lets me forget it. When she comes to me for help, I see my opportunity to show her and everyone else the man I really am but neither of us expected the shocking revelations from the past colliding with our present.

To fight the past, we must confront the monsters from our nightmares and hope we survive.


“Holy crap this book!!! I am so freaking happy that I chose to read this series by Lynne Leslie. I wasn’t sure what her books would have in store for me but you can now consider me a fan. This book had me in tears, left speechless, angry, heartbroken, happy, and so freaking much more. If you haven’t checked out a book by this author this is a series to do just that.” —Michelle, Wicked Babes Blog Reviews

“I am still sitting here with tears running down my face. I am still in such an emotional state! This was my first read from this author and will not be my last. I was drawn in to this book right away, I could not put this book down. It has me turning pages faster then I like to admit. I needed to know what was gonna happen next. I had a feeling this book was gonna break my heart and I was right, but I was also fixed.” —Laid-Back Book Bitches

“This book definitely deals with some very sensitive issues but the author writes about each and everyone as delicately as possible. A highly deserved 5 stars from me and I’m hoping we see more of the secondary characters get their own books in the future.” —Nikki, Crazy Cajun Book Addicts


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Publication Date

September 6, 2018


Lynne Leslie

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108, 000

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